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23 characters. 23 characters may not seem like that much, but I pity the fool who underestimates what can be done with just 23 characters. Certainly, any Twitter user who has run into the doom and gloom that is a red, negative character count and scrambled madly to search for the appropriate word to omit or abbreviate in order to get their tweet down to 140 characters, without having to completely scrap or rewrite it, can absolutely attest to the power and might of 23 characters. To you all, I say, rejoice! Twitter is liberating those 23 characters!

What’s the significance of 23 characters, you ask? Well, 23 characters are the exact amount of space that links and photos currently consume in any given tweet. This maddening oversight is finally being addressed, with substantial rumors reporting that Twitter will no longer count links and photos into the overall character count of a tweet. The change is reportedly set to go into effect in the next couple of weeks, according to a source. This drastic and much needed revamp is the next update in a wave of changes to Twitter’s functionality over the past year since CEO Jack Dorsey made it his primary mission to make Twitter easier and more accessible.

Savvy Twitter users have found makeshift ways around Twitter’s 140-character limit, taking screenshots of notes written on their smartphones and tablets and posting those as photos to go beyond the 140-character limit. Others has taken to numbering their tweets and posting them in succession when they can’t contain their thoughts concisely in one succinct tweet, replying to each previous tweet as a way of linking these thoughts together. Still, there was no way around the 23 characters that links and photos rudely seized in a given tweet, and those two items are crucial elements of any attractive and engaging tweet.

News that photos and links will no longer take up any characters in a tweet will liberate many users, allowing them to incorporate more text on top of multiple media sources. While 23 characters may seem minute, it’s a huge boost for the type and quantity of content that can be conveyed on the social media site that prizes and rewards brevity. This latest change looks to be a middle ground between the company’s flirtation with expanding the character count to 10,000, a possibility that was met with very lukewarm reviews by Twitter’s current base due to the fact that it would completely upend and erase Twitter’s unique niche in the social media landscape. By letting photos and links serve essentially as attachments to tweets rather than bogarting their character limit, this move is one that’s sure to please Twitter fanatics and even attract new users.

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