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We’ve all been there before – we’re rushing to capture the perfect shot of something before it’s too late, and in the ensuing madness, we don’t realize that we were a little jittery when taking the shot. Nothing is as big of a bummer as realizing a really good photo opportunity was spoiled by your own error, namely shaking the camera. But fret not – your image isn’t completely ruined due to this blur and shaky after effect. In fact, with a little Photoshop editing magic, it is quite possible to salvage a blurry photo. Follow this four-step tutorial on reducing camera shake in Photoshop in order to recover the glorious potential of photos marred by shaky fuzziness.

Step 1

Open your blurry image in Photoshop. Click on “Filter” then “Sharpen” then “Shake Reduction.” This is a special tool in Photoshop that is great for reducing camera shake. It automatically surveys an image and detects the nature of the blur in order to pinpoint problem areas to correct.

Step 2

To take further action against camera shake, open the “Advanced” section in “Shake Reduction.” Inside, select the “Blur Estimation Region” to create a box around blurry areas remaining in your image. You can adjust it to whatever problem areas you want to correct.

Step 3

Zoom in on your image to get a better sense of where blur exists. At the bottom right is a box called “Detail,” which enhances the area of your image you’ve drawn the Blur Estimation box around. Clicking anywhere in the image will pull up a larger look in the Detail window, or you can simply draw another box with Blur Estimation.

Step 4

Add as many Blur Estimation boxes as you want to different parts of your image to reduce camera shake and increase the sharpness of your photo. This process may introduce artifacting, or clumping, into your image. You can rectify this under the “Smoothness” or “Artifact Suppression” sections by moving the sliders of each to the right. When you’re satisfied with your image, click OK and revel at your sharp new photo!

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