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The stock iPhone camera is great, but it could be better- a lot better. If you’re looking for a new way to breathe life into your mobile snapshots, check out the Red Dot Camera app.


Manual Rangerfinder Settings

The app offers an assortment of manual controls for users who want to push their smartphone shooting capabilities as far as possible. Skinned with a powerful Leica theme that appeals to photography enthusiasts, the platform captures the bold essence of the iconic M camera series.

According to the developers, below are the core features of the mobile app:

  • Rangefinder-Style Manual Focusing: Focus in with precision using a magnified patch at the center of the viewfinder to capture the perfect image.
  • Manual ISO Control: High ISO settings generate more image noise. By letting you set the ISO value manually, Red Dot Camera allows you to capture sharper and clearer images.
  • Manual Shutter Speed Control: Adjust the shutter speed manually to achieve the effect of longer exposures (car headlights, water, etc.), or to capture shots of fast action.
  • Display Frame Lines (28mm, 35mm, 50mm): The iPhone lens has a fixed focal length of 28mm, but Red Dot Camera shows frame lines that simulate those of a 35mm and 50mm lens, just like the Leica M rangefinder.
  • Self-Timer: Take a group picture or self-shot by setting the auto-timer to one of three countdown settings.
  • Black & White Mode: Switch to black and white and capture your image in classic coloration.

The most important thing to consider is that the platform tweaks your photos without cheap filters. People won’t be able to replicate your shots unless they use the same manual settings.


Vintage Look, Modern Controls

Since the release of iOS 8, Apple opened up a long list of manual controls to developers, such as focus, exposure, ISO and etc. However, the tech giant doesn’t intend on releasing the hidden capabilities in the stock iPhone camera. Instead, third-party developers will be responsible for incorporating the features in their own personal releases, allowing them to add more value to their products.

Unsurprisingly, a wave of camera apps hit the App Store immediately after the game-changing announcement, all offering the same manual control features.

Red Dot Camera’s retro-modern skin helps it stand out from the sea of photography apps available online. Adjusting the settings requires you to turn a digital dial, as you would on a classic shooter. Furthermore, the big red button found in the upper right corner of the panel looks very similar with the official Leica logo.

“Whether you’re a creative camera enthusiast or a photography student, you’ll be amazed at how Red Dot Camera enables you to take sharper, better-exposed, professional quality photos from your iPhone,” mentioned Lifelike Apps.


Technical Requirements

The Red Dot Camera app is available for the iPhone and iPad, running iOS 8 or later. No word yet if the mobile software is coming to Windows or Android devices. Individuals interested in the camera app can download it from the Apple App Store for $2.99.

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