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According to the American Academy of Pain Medicine, roughly 1.5 billion people around the world are suffering from chronic pain. Treatments for such ailments are usually limited to therapy and drastic lifestyle changes.

But now there’s a new gadget that helps ease symptoms related to chronic pain without the weary side effects of traditional medicine. Unveiled at CES 2015, the Quell wearable is a cutting-edge tool that offers timely relief- without pills or sticky patches.


How Does It Work?

Using transcutaneous electrical nerve stimulation technology (TENS), the wearable sends out pulses that target the nervous system. The low-voltage electricity is safe, FDA approved and comfortable. When an individual receives stimulation through the device, the body responds by releasing endorphins and enkephalins- chemicals that help suppress pain.

The square transmitter is worn around the calf. Such low-key features are ideal for the office, where strict dress codes prevent people from using bulky accessories or gadgets.

Unfortunately, the wearable doesn’t work for everyone. But that shouldn’t stop you from trying the alternative form of treatment. Those who respond to the small device can start feeling the difference after 10 minutes. Unlike prescription medicine, which can damage your liver and impair your senses, Quell is designed to improve the quality of your life by keeping you alert and active.

To prevent resistance, the device operates for an hour and turns off automatically. Individuals can expect relief for up to 40 minutes when using the portable machine.


Sleep Tracking Features

Quell comes with a dedicated app (iOS and Android) that is used to monitor one’s experience. From the platform, you can track battery life, cycles and other personal data. The app connects to the unit in real-time via Bluetooth. In addition to pain relief, the wearable also supports sleep tracking features. It senses when you’re sleeping and adjusts the pulses to a lighter wave.

FDA Approved

“Quell is one of the very few health-and-fitness wearables I’ve seen to receive FDA approval for the over-the-counter consumer market. It costs a lot of time and money to win the FDA’s blessing, so clearly the Quell manufacturer thinks it has a winner,” said Jon Philips, Editor-in-Chief of PCWorld.

“It’s worth noting that Quell says its device is double the strength of existing TENS devices, and that it has the unique ability to calibrate itself for optimal stimulation levels—and thus better pain relief. It’s also much more convenient to apply than existing TENS gadgets, which tend to look like science experiments.”


Purchasing Information

Quell is available online through the company’s website. The starter kit costs $249, which includes the wearable, a lightweight strap, one-month supply of electrodes and a charger. Extra electrode packs go for $29.95. Accessories such as sports bands, travel bags, charger adapters and cables are also available online.

The company offers a 60-day money back guarantee for individuals who do not experience relief from the device (as mentioned before, there’s a chance your body won’t respond to the treatment). A two-year warranty provides coverage for technical defects within the agreement.

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