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A busy stretch of Parisian highway just got a whole lot trippier with the addition of a 400 by 100 foot psychedelic road mural. German street artist, who goes by 1010, created the optical illusion with the help of two assistants and 400 liters —  over 100 gallons — of paint. The piece was completed in only a week.


1010 found inspiration for the mural in his love of playing with people’s perceptions.

“Sometimes we think something is static, but it’s not,” 1010 told the Wall Street Journal. “If you change the perspective, you see it in a different way.”


This particular optical illusions is spread across a stretch of Boulevard Peripherique, and leaves viewers feeling like they’re falling into a deep, dark cavern. The mural ranges from a layer of white paint around the outside edges to darker shades of blue, red and purple. The black center gives the impression of an infinite cavity descending into the ground.

Although the artwork is blocked from traffic, there is concern over the possibility of distracted drivers getting caught up in the illusion and causing collisions.


1010 was born in Poland and moved to Hamburg, Germany when he was 8-years-old. His focus is in abstract art and optical illusions. He finds inspiration in language and is especially interested in the roots of words. 1010 has created art in the U.S., Italy, Panama and India.







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Photos: Juliette Huesler

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