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Like most music lovers, you probably spend a lot of time looking for new tunes and creating playlists. The whole process of managing musical preferences is extremely tedious, and there are a handful of apps and devices that claim to have the best algorithm for customized track selection. Unfortunately,  most will leave you with a bunch of songs you don’t actually like, which can be frustrating.

Before you give up on automated curation platforms, try Prizm. The player promises to deliver a new level of audio curation that no other system has achieved. Featured at CES 2016, the hardware is designed to understand your mood, personal taste and daily schedule. Read on to find out how the robust device can elevate your listening experience.


Tinder for Music

Under the hood, Prizm has a lot of things going on. It features an extensive streaming catalog of music, and a powerful algorithm that helps you decide what music to play and when to play it. The platform uses a simple Tinder-like system that allows you to “like” a suggestion by tapping the heart icon on the player. You can also turn down the recommendation by tapping the other side of the device. Over time, the player will be able to provide accurate track selections with ease, as long as you keep using it as your go-to music curator.

Going beyond where similar devices have failed, Prizm knows the difference between a quiet Friday night stay-at-home date and a Friday night house party. This means you can rely on it to skip your favorite club tracks while you’re trying to set a relaxing mood over dinner, and vice versa when the party crew is around. “First, on the environment side, Prizm considers things like time of day, day of the week, noise level in the room, and more, in order to pick the best music for you. For example, it might figure out, over time, that you like instrumental jazz while studying or catching up on some work in the evenings, so it will play that when it detects that context,” wrote Kia Kokalitcheva from Venture Beat.


Where can I get one?

Setting up the player is a straight forward process. It connects via Bluetooth, Airplay or DLNA to your speakers (or 3.5mm slot for direct connections). In addition to music curation, you also have the option to use the device as a normal player. The official Prizm app (available on Android and iOS) that comes with the unit provides wireless playlist and track selection features. If you’re using Spotify, Deezer Premium or Soundcloud, you can stream directly into the player. There is also an acoustic sensor that detects the general atmosphere of the room.

For now, there’s no direct way of buying the gadget. Those who are interested in purchasing the player can get an order invitation online. The startup recently completed a Kickstarter campaign, and it is gearing up to fulfill the orders from the event. When it launches in retail stores, pricing will start at $169.

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