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It’s a time-honored tradition here in the continental 48 (plus those black sheep other two states) to trick our children and make them believe that some jolly fatso adorned in red velvet will break and enter their houses in the dead of night and give them presents if they’ve been good that year or coal if they’ve been particularly naughty. Why should annoying trolls or grown adults accidentally spoil the fun and reveal the harsh reality of Santa Claus to your kids before the time is right?

That’s the idea behind “Keep Believing in Santa,” a browser extension and Internet plug-in from VPN company HideMyAss. The extension will work to help keep the magic of Santy Claus alive for your young’uns by preventing your browser from accessing web pages that reveal the dirty little secret behind the Santa Claus fantasy. You know, the one about him being a marketing tool for gifts and a rather manipulative incentive to get kids to behave throughout the year…or else!

If kids are already suspecting that there’s something rotten in the state of the North Pole about jolly old St. Nick and take to the Internet to verify these suspicions, “Keep Believing in Santa” will cut that blasphemy off right at the bud. Search terms like “Is Santa real?” and “Santa is fake” will be met with an image of a stern Santa Claus holding up an accusatory finger, shaming your children for daring to question his existence. Other more complex search queries that might lead to the truth being revealed will just censor the results that are produced.

Parents around the globe who still want to shanghai their kids into being angels with the Santa Claus myth should be thankful this Christmas season for HideMyAss and their Santa preserving plug-in. “At the heart of this campaign is a free piece of software for parents that will help protect children from the Santa-sapping potential of the Internet by concealing any content about him with jolly images of the man himself in his workshop,” the company wrote. HideMyAss just wants the Internet to be a magical place for families and kids alike.

Available for Firefox and Chrome, “Keep Believing in Santa” is now available to help show kids what Christmas is all about and keep them blissfully ignorant. Though if those precocious little tykes stumble into the Safari browser, don’t be surprised if there are tears or tantrums come Christmas morning when their childhoods are effectively ended.

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