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So, you want people to see what the world is like directly through your eyes? Povie, the smartphone necklace mount, is here to make that vision come to life. It can be hard to capture compelling footage from the perspective of the filmmaker and director themselves, so maker Edelkrone created Povie as a smartphone mount that is worn around one’s neck, allowing for simple and seamless shooting of video from one’s own point of view, completely hands-free. Sure, it’s not the most fashion-forward or even accessible wearable gadget, but as a piece of photography gear, Povie is supremely useful.

All one has to do in order to start filming a mile a minute is attach a circular clip to the back of your smartphone and snap it into place in the mount. Then, throw Povie around your neck, hit the record button and let the mount and phone do most of your work for you – simply tilt the necklace to move your phone to another angle. Most photographers and videographers are accustom to buying specialty cameras in order to pull off POV filming and shooting, but thanks to Povie, being a director and capturing tight, focused POV shots with minimal effort has never been this easy. Possessing a $50 price tag, Povie is practically a steal for any photographer or videographer trying to capture their vision – literally and figuratively.

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