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Not one to rest on its laurels and fade forever away into obscurity amidst our digitized world, Polaroid is still staking its ground in the photography industry by adapting to changing technologies while still retaining the characteristics that define and popularized it as a brand. Their latest venture is the quaint, feature-packed Polaroid Cube+, a recently announced upgrade of their popular Polaroid Cube action camera that hit retailers last year.

Following a much-buzzed debut at CE Week 2015, Polaroid Cube+ is being billed as the next generation improvement to its popular mother product. A recent press release from Polaroid touted the new product, hyping its affordable $150 price tag and announcing it will begin shipping at the end of August.

“We knew we had to take an entirely different approach when we introduced the Polaroid Cube,” Scott W. Hardy, President and CEO of Polaroid, said. “The action camera category was – and still is – a crowded space, so the ability to differentiate while adhering to the core values of our brand was paramount. The Polaroid Cube is a fun, easy-to-use, affordable lifestyle-centric action camera that immediately struck a chord with consumers around the world.”


The most notable upgrade of the Polaroid Cube+ is Wi-Fi capability, making it easier to create and share content and photos. iOS and Android users can download the Polaroid Cube+ app and sync the camera to their phones or tablets, allowing them to snap a photo or capture video remotely from anywhere, no download fuss or muss. The app enables users to begin and end video recordings, control camera settings, capture stills, edit, print and share photos, and works as a remote viewfinder so you can wirelessly frame the most picturesque shot with nothing but your thumbs.

Coming in at a lithe 35mm and with a built-in magnet, the Polaroid Cube+ is cute, accessible and handy to use. Combined with a sleek and fun design from Ammunition and bright poppy color options, and you’ve got the makings of a perfect, compact gadget that’s jam-packed with features without requiring much of a learning curve because Polaroid mastered the instantaneous point and click photo taking method. That’s right, the Polaroid Cube+ isn’t looking to blow your mind with buttons upon switches upon levers upon what the hell is this doohickey – it comes with one button, and one button only. Point, click, Polaroid!

For the more tech savvy of you out there, don’t dismiss this bite-sized cube of photographic fun on name or design. The Polaroid Cube+ also possesses image stabilization, enhanced low light performance and a larger memory capacity that accommodates a 64GB micro SD card. These advanced features enable users to record full-HD video in 1080p at 60 frames per second and take up to eight megapixel still images. With a built-in battery that records up to 90 minutes of footage, a 124 degree viewing angle and a shockproof, weatherproof and splash proof design, the Polaroid Cube+ is marketed as a portable, fun and simple device that can capture a day in the life or a series of soon to be cherished memories.

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