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When the bottles are popping, the booze is flowing and glass after glass is emptying, two things are bound to happen: some drunk tears and pictures galore. Polaroid, the ever-scrappy company that it is, realizes that people going out to drink and have a fun time are extremely likely to be commemorating or documenting their shenanigans with pictures. To capitalize on this crowd, the company has developed a cute, novelty shot glass mount to accommodate its line of action cameras: the Polaroid Cube and Cube+. The action cams fit snugly into a shot glass base with the camera’s lens pointing directly up at you as you down shot after shot. Fret not; the record button is easily accessible to accommodate the inebriated.

Polaroid shot glass mount

The shot glass mount is a rather ingenious idea on Polaroid’s part. Not only does it tap into the overwhelming desire from drunkards to take photo after photo after photo, but the mount ensures that people most likely won’t lose their action camera when they’re fumbling around (the same can’t be said for their keys, wallets, shoes, etc.). Polaroid describes footage taken using their shot glass mount as “a whole new POV from the bottom of the glass,” which I’m sure is a decidedly great look for everyone. At just $15, the shot glass mount is the same price as two well cocktails give or take – what’s not to love? Drink the night away with Polaroid’s shot glass mount!

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