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Deciding it was finally time to throw up the white flag and admit to defeat, Playboy has announced that starting in March 2016, the magazine built around a centerfold featuring naked women will no longer be publishing fully nude photographs of the fairer sex. In the age where so much more than just a naked woman laying seductively in a bathtub can be accessed with WiFi and a quick search for free, Playboy is boldly setting itself up for a major brand revamp as Internet pornography has made the lure of the once mighty publication archaic.

What’s even more surprising than this seemingly counterintuitive shift is the fact that, since 2013, Playboy’s website hasn’t featured any nude photographs whatsoever. This re-launch actually reaped hefty benefits for the brand, seeing there average monthly traffic spike from 4 million unique visitors a month to 16 million. Yes, you read that correctly – removing nudity from their website caused Playboy’s online traffic to quadruple. See, the Internet is useful for stuff other than porn!

Don’t think that Playboy is going to completely clean up their dirty, dirty act. The announcement was very clear that the magazine would no longer feature fully naked photographs. Rather, Playboy will be adopting a policy I’m sure has never once come up at creative meetings before – modesty – heading into it’s non-XXX future. Sexy, PG-13 photographs will still remain very much apart of Playboy’s spread, though how they’ll stand out when there are other boundary pushing periodicals like Maxim and FHM out there that skirt the R-rated photo edge is a mystery Playboy is keeping close to its breast chest.

The hope is that by removing nudity from the magazine, Playboy can graduate from its plastic housing at newsstands and bookstores across the world and become a more accessible magazine sans any of the judgment or taboo that comes with picking up a copy. If the online strategy is a harbinger for good things to come for the print version, it’ll be coming in the nick of time. During its height in the 70s, Playboy had more than 5.6 million subscribers. Today, 800,000 subscribe for the tasteful nudity and articles.

Playboy’s not messing around with this rebrand strategy either. Confident that the success of this plan can translate into a new chapter for the brand, its chief executive, Scott Flanders, notes that they’ll be targeting the millennial audience between the ages of 18 to 30. After the conscious choice of showing no more naughty parts on their website paid off, the average age of visitors dropped from 47 to 30. “The difference between us and Vice is that we’re going after the guy with a job,” Flanders boasted. Shots fired!

In case you were unaware, yes, Playboy does actually post articles and sees significant traffic to their humor, culture and, get this, sex sections on their website. Who could be better talking bluntly about sex than Playboy? So, listen up all you nostalgic horndogs – you’ve got until March to savor the sweet, seductive poses of naked women in Playboy before the end of an era. The Playboy brand, much like its creator and the godfather of time, Hugh Hefner, will weather old age and live to fight another day.

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