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Pinterest is the future of e-commerce. The company has held this title for several years, but it doesn’t actually sell anything on the website.

Now that’s all about to change. Pinterest announced it will be launching buyable pins, an exciting way for users to purchase items directly from the platform.

How Does It Work?

The new feature blends in with the overall layout of the website. Chao Wang, the company’s engineering manager, explains how buyable pins work in a blog post:

“When you spot a Pin with a blue price, you’ll know you can buy it right from the app. When you’re ready to check out, tap Buy it and pay with Apple Pay or a credit card. Soon, you’ll be on your way and back to Pinning. Once you enter your personal information, we’ll store it so you don’t have to thumb it in again next time.”

The announcement clarified that the platform is equipped to handle online payments safely and securely. Sensitive data such as credit card information will not be stored in the company’s servers. Furthermore, Stripe has been tasked to manage and maintain transactions. The payments processor currently provides similar services for Kickstarter, Twitter, Lyft and Shopify.

Pinterest won’t be taking a cut from sales made through the instant buy option. Instead, merchants and retailers are charged based on featured pins in users’ feeds. Macy’s, Nordstrom, and Neiman Marcus are the global brands expected to participate during the initial launch.

Pinterest buyable pins on iPad and iPhone

The Ultimate E-commerce Platform

Many businesses consider the platform as a one-stop shop for their customers. Individuals visit the site to search for items, fuel their creativity and see what other people are interested in.

When the final piece to the consumer conversion puzzle arrives in the coming weeks, users will no longer have to navigate away from the website to make a purchase. Seamless selling features like buyable pins will surely help the tech giant retain its subscribers from businesses and merchants to fans and customers.

To match its highly anticipated buying features, Pinterest will also continue to roll out updates for its mobile platform. “Right now since everyone uses their phone, but it’s still a pain to buy things,” said Pinterest CEO Ben Silbermann. “There are fiddly menus, you have to squint to see the images.”

Pinterest e-commerce

Pinterest’s Future Looks Bright

This year, Pinterest has been working hard. The establishment launched the Marketing Developer Program to help sellers with branding. Recently, it opened up the site to third-party developers interested in boosting customization and optimization. Those who would like to utilize the new features will need to go through a rigorous application process and wait for confirmation.

Pinterest is currently valued at $11 billion. Last month, it acquired $186 million during a Series G funding round. Wellington Management Company and Goldman Sachs were new investors in the successful campaign. While Andreessen Horowitz, Bessemer, First Mark, SV Angel, Valiant, and Fidelity participated as returning investors.

Since its inception in 2009, the company has raised a total of $1.3 billion in funding.

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