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Picture this: it’s Throwback Thursday across all your favorite social media platforms, and you want to post an adorable baby photo of yourself to commemorate the simpler days and just how precocious you were as a kid. Problem is, all of your old baby pictures are print photos collecting dust and sun damage in a long-forgotten photo album packed squarely away in cardboard up in your childhood home’s attic. How, oh how, can you get that precious, tangible baby picture of you dressed like a sailor holding a giant lollipop onto Instagram?

Sure, taking a photo of that photograph is an option, but it’s pretty basic and the quality will be severely lacking. Instead, consider Photomyne – a photo digitization app chock full of features. Photomyne is a photo scanning app that uses your phone’s camera to turn print photos into digital files on your phone, even enhancing these scans to restore damaged photos. Photomyne was created with efficiency and speed in mind – not only does the digitization of a photo take next to no time at all, Photomyne also allows you to scan multiple images at once. Spread out several photos on a flat surface or flip through a photo album, and Photomyne will digitize all of those photos in a flash.


Knowing that many people will want to digitize old print photos for social media purposes, Photomyne has some awesome built-in functionality to help assist you with social sharing. The app can integrate directly to your Facebook profile’s timeline, enabling you to place old photos chronologically in albums or on your timeline directly from the app itself. There’s a “Discover” feature that allows you to share your scans with the Photomyne community, boasting a searchable and filterable Instagram-esque feed of old-timey photos turned digital.

Currently, Photomyne is only available for iOS devices, though the company is hard at work on an Android version. An impending update is also expected to yield new features including cloud-only backup and collaborative photo albums. A free version of Photomyne is available for download with in-app purchases, but you’re going to probably have to shell out $5 for the app. The “premium tier,” which includes features like desktop access to your photo scans and unlimited saves and backup, is a $12 a year subscription fee. Still, it’s a small price to pay in order to immortalize your old, print photos into indestructible digital files.

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