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Our friend and Instagram sensation @northwestmommy aka Stasha Becker, borrowed the Fuji X100Sfrom Lumoid. She’s living it up in the Pacific Northwest with her son, her 2 dogs Bruce and Max and her horses. We’re fond of her Instagram feed and overall love her photographs so we asked her to share some of the photos she snapped with the Fuji. We were able to sneak in a few questions as well.


When did you get started in photography?
Strictly speaking in high school. But throughout my childhood grandpa allowed me to use his Leica to capture our everyday life.
What gear do you normally shoot with?
For no particular reason my first DSLR was a Nikon and I have stuck with them since. I currently shoot with D800 and carry along three different primes in the shoot sack. In my big bag I carry two other Nikon bodies as back up and four zoom lenses which I frankly never use. But bringing that bag to the sessions seems to impress my clients a lot.
What are your sources of inspiration?
The simple things, every day life and generally the world around me. I look at a lot of photos online daily too but I would say that it is more the story they convey that inspires me, not so much the actual style of photography or how the shot was executed.
How do you think Instagram has changed photography?
I like how instant the sharing of photography is on Instagram. It affords me the opportunity to view art at my fingertips in mere minutes. It also builds relationships and in difference with websites that are build  by artists to promote their professional work people seem to share photos without pressure and competition. Or perhaps I just follow all the right people 😉
Has Instagram changed your photography?
Significantly. I used to be a perfectionist and a ‘pixel counter’. It wasn’t until I printed a few of my instagrams that I realized that most digitial photos are worth printing as long as they evoke emotion. I only share iPhone shots on my feed and I never spend more then a minute in editing the photo and coming up with a caption. With that in mind and the love and support I get from my followers I have since started worrying less about how perfect my light and settings on the camera are and focus more on the clients during my sessions. Because frankly people love your photos because of how they make them feel not how perfect the exposure is. That is not to say I don’t still spend hours editing my professional work. But Instagram has definitely helped me relax and find fun in photography again.
What advice would you give to a student just starting out in photography?
Study hard and know your theory and your gear. Once you have mastered that it should be like driving a car- second nature. That frees you up to be yourself. Because the one truth about photography is that no one takes the photo exactly like you do. You can line a hundred people to take a picture of the same scene and each of them will focus on something different. It is your uniqueness that your potential client will fall in love with. So always and forever follow your instinct when shooting. Be you.
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Follow Stasha on Instagram @northwestmommy.

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