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Periscope is getting tight with drones, announcing that the live streaming app will now host and support live streams from DJI drones, taking the platform’s bird’s eye-view shtick to new heights…literally! Any DJI drone owner can now record and stream live footage and video through Periscope thanks to the app’s latest update. This integration will offer seamless toggling between a user’s smartphone or tablet camera, which will be in use to launch and broadcast through Periscope, and their DJI drone. Broadcasters can even sketch and draw on these drone live streams as well, showcasing another new feature that proves Periscope is here to stay, or at least won’t go down without swinging.

Broadcasters looking to stream footage from their drone should be on the lookout for a new button in the Periscope app that can be synced to a drone’s camera and activated to start streaming footage from it. The Periscope account and device the app is running on will then connect with the drone’s controller in order to access this feature and set up live drone streaming. Dubbed Drone Mode, this latest feature from Periscope gives the platform a leg up on other rival platforms like Meerkat with this exclusive branding tie-in and functionality with DJI.

No word yet on whether Periscope and parent company Twitter are working on expanding drone streaming capabilities to other drone makers outside of DJI, but the option would be a foolish one to let go. Achieving exclusive streaming rights and integration between drones would be a coup for Twitter in its ongoing battle against Facebook and its own live streaming platform, Facebook Live. Drone Mode isn’t the only fresh new feature Periscope is trotting out (though it’s certainly the grandest). There’s now a universal search option within the app, as well as the ability to save live streams and broadcasts for longer than the standard 24-hour time window. But at the end of the day, all of the buzz is around the integration of drone streaming seeing as how Periscope is the sole platform that can host it.

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