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Fee fi fo fum, where are those snoring sounds coming from? Well, if you happen to live in France, you might be under siege by the attack of the sleeping giants. Two French artists, who are opting for the Sonny and Cher approach and simply calling themselves Ella and Pitr, have been decorating the rooftops of buildings in France with painted, slumbering giants.

Pitr is a seasoned graffiti artist. Ella is a raucous comedienne. After a chance encounter in St. Etienne, the two became fast friends and started dreaming up projects that would combine the artistic sensibilities of Pitr with the comical stylings of Ella. Thus, they embarked on this large-scale urban project of creating goofy, narcoleptic giants that can only find refuge on a spot big enough to accommodate them – rooftops.

The artwork is awe-inspiring in its sheer scope, encompassing the entirety of many rooftop buildings with gritty, comic-book style detail that retains a quirky, cartoonish element. But don’t just take my word for it; let’s allow the art and the giants to speak for themselves through these stunning aerial shots capturing the giants as they peacefully dream away.

Mademoiselle would rather catch up on her beauty sleep than listen to the asinine gossip being thrown about at her bridge game.

It’s so easy to be lulled to sleep by the sounds of the sea, the ocean breeze and the warm sun beating down on you. Hopefully she remembered sunscreen lotion.

Look, sometimes those international layovers can be brutal, and you grab the chance to snooze any chance you get.

When the King sneaks a nap, so do his minions!

We’ve all had those nights where we went a little too hard and didn’t quite make it to bed before passing out. Props to her for at least managing to get her PJs on.

Homegirl gave it all she had at volleyball practice, and may have over-exerted herself just a tad.

This guy clearly got bored waiting for his chance to audition for a West Side Story revival.

All images courtesy of Ella and Pitr. Be sure to check out more of their work by visiting their website.

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