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In news that has blossomed out of obscurity and shined a light on a long lasting mystery, it turns out that Canon is smarter than all of us gave them credit for. Case in point – the rubber attachment present on Canon camera straps isn’t just some useless, decorative feature. In fact, it has quite a clever purpose that many photographers are no doubt blissfully ignorant of. The rubber thingy is not the appendix of your camera, but rather, a clever little tool that will aid your photo taking efforts. Prepare for the most head-slapping, “OH!’ inducing revelation you’re likely to encounter all day – the rubber attachment is actually there to prevent light leaks when you’re taking photos.

Is your jaw up off the floor yet? Are you done feeling rather silly and doubting Canon and all of their decisions? Good, because now you need to know how this simple and quite useful hack works. Photographers using their Canon cameras to take extra-long exposure photos can use the rubber portion of their strap to block their viewfinder, ensuring that zero light manages to creep its way into your photo from the back of your camera and disrupt your image’s look. It’s perfect for taking photos using a remote switch, self-timer or bulb exposure. And, just so you can really shove this newfound knowledge down the throats of the uninitiated, the rubber piece’s official name is the Eyepiece Cover. You’ve officially just been schooled!

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