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Surfing requires optimal water and weather conditions. If you’re always finding yourself waiting aimlessly instead of surfing, check out the Onean electric board.

Modernizing Water Sports

Instead of being tethered to a boat, Onean boards rely on electric motors that push the rider smoothly over the water. For complete control of the experience, a wireless remote is used to adjust the speed. Leaning left and right points the board to a general direction. Fins are available for those who aren’t comfortable with slippery rides.

“Based in the Basque Country, we are perfectly located in an area with a broad industrial experience, by the sea and with a huge surfing culture. We have brought together in the same team all the skills needed to face the challenges in this project. We carry out from electronics to mechanical and industrial design of the propulsion unit,” mentioned the company.

Impressively, the boards do not harm the environment. Since they rely on battery power, there’s no need to worry about spilling gas everywhere, or spewing out toxic smoke. A full charge provides two hours of riding. On full throttle, the battery supplies enough power for 20 minutes. In case you wipe out, a leash will guide you back to the board.


Carver and Manta

There are two models available that offer very different experiences. The Carver, which packs a solid 4400W motor, is great for high-speed riding. With a noticeably thinner design, weaving around obstacles and performing tricks should not be a problem. The more laidback, relaxing option is the Manta. The rectangular-shaped frame supports stable riding and comes with a paddle for casual wading.

A third, mysterious board is in the works called Blade. No announcements have been made about the highly anticipated release. But judging from the preview image, it looks like a jet-propelled wakeboard.


Great for Exploring Lakes

The Onean machines can go where traditional surfboards can’t. Because the boards are narrow, you have the option to squeeze into tight spaces. Without a line, you only need enough room for you and the board. Ultimately, you could duck under low rock ceilings and take the unit to cave entrances.

Most outdoor enthusiasts have a few favorite watering holes that they frequently visit. The electric jet board is the perfect vessel that can unlock hidden spots in such places. For peaceful locations, the quiet engine ensures you won’t disturb the natural surroundings.


Pre-ordering Information

The Spanish water sports company is currently accepting pre-orders online. Adrenaline junkies should check out the Carver package, which costs $3,930 and comes with a Carver Jet Board, wireless remote, charger, battery, fin set, foot strap and leash.

The Manta package is ideal for light cruising on flat waters. This option is priced at $4,158 and includes a Manta Jet Board, wireless remote, battery, charger, fin set, foot strap, leash and paddle. Extra battery packs are also available on the website, going for $1,310 per piece.

Stocks for both models are limited (there are real-time counters that show how many are left).

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