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Recently launched at the Apps World North American 2015 Conference, the new social media mobile app Qwikword was well received at an after-party at The Clift Hotel in San Francisco. The new application claims that people can upload an image and immediately see the responses in the form of just one word or share their own word on other people’s images. The experience allows people to interact with favorite subjects from art and fashion to food and technology.

The basis of Qwikword’s platform – genuine expressions and reactions in the simplest form. “During our soft launch we were ecstatic with how users were generating their own sparks (photos) and began to immediately build connections and conversations with other users,“ says Qwikword CEO and Co-Founder, Gianmarco Crismale.

I decided to test the app with my 11-year old daughter and tech savvy tween – Lauren, and see what Qwikword is all about. We tested the app by searching through many photos (called “sparks”) and offered our one-word thoughts to those that struck our fancy. The spark below conjured up the word “zzzz” for my daughter, as she is highly fond of sleeping late in the morning.


Photo: Snapshot/Victoria Sambursky

Intrigued, we continued our search and found all kinds of cool sparks such as beautiful nature scenes, friends hanging out, funny pics, and unique moments in time. Words such as silly, inspirational, jagged, love, crazy, snow, and sick were used in our one-word responses. And then we came across a picture of a vintage Polaroid instant camera. The first word that popped into my mind was “Youth.” Another user actually typed “Hipster.” However, my young Lauren’s “Qwikit” response was…


Photo: Snapshot/Victoria Sambursky

Old. What? I looked at this Polaroid with the fondest memories of my youth – using the camera for birthday parties, holidays, and the original “selfie.” But other users looked at it as something a ‘hipster” would purchase at a flea market, something outdated or – as my beautiful daughter succinctly responded – old. But immediately, my next reaction was how wonderful to have multi-generational views of a single object all captured in real time. I guess that’s the point. It’s about how we all look at things differently, but even more importantly – it’s how we find connections, creativity, or a “spark” to open the lines of communications. Overall, Qwikword is, in a word – fun.

The app is available for download on Google Play, App Store for iOS users and via the Qwikword website.




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