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You’re bound to see a lot more than just pigeons hovering the skies in Brooklyn thanks to the opening of Brooklyn Drones, NYC’s first fully-fledged drone brick-and-mortar, located in Brooklyn’s Gowanus neighborhood. Former financial worker Roger Kapsalis has taken his hobby and passion to the next level by opening the shop, which is positioned as the exclusive educator and retailer of all things drones throughout the five boroughs.

According to Kapsalis, Gowanus wasn’t an accidental choice to host the city’s first drone shop. In an interview with Park Slope Stoop, Kapsalis noted the more welcoming arms of Southern Brooklyn when it comes to attitudes towards drones. “Gowanus is tech and business-friendly, so that connection is important, too,” he notes. With a bright, inviting store, Kapsalis hopes Brooklyn Drones will give the everyday customer all they could hope for from a drone shop: a wide variety and selection of models, a space to examine and test them out and a crash-course on all aspects of drone culture.

As the founder of the New York chapter of the Unmanned Aerial Vehicle Systems Association (UAVSA), an organization with a focus on providing education and resources for the drone community, you’d be hard-pressed to find a more suitable individual to spearhead NYC’s flagship drone store than Kapsalis. Because drones have become such a hot button and controversial topic, part of Kapsalis’s hope for Brooklyn Drones is to assuage the concerns many have regarding these devices. Also part of his educational goal is getting drone owners up to speed on the regulations and restrictions imposed on them.

Working in tandem with the New York City Drone Use Group, Kapsalis hopes to use Brooklyn Drones to usher in regular trips to parks and areas that are permitted to host drone flight among drone pilots and enthusiasts. It’s an opportunity that will only further solidify the store as a one-stop-shop for any and all drone desires. For Kapsalis, it’s not just about operating the first shop built around and exclusively selling drones, but creating a space that’s at the forefront of drone discourse.

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