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File this under one of the more extreme wearables out there: Thync is a device that you attach to your head that gently zaps your brain with electricity in efforts to control and modulate your mood. Feeling blue? Don’t consult a therapist, just shock the sadness right of your head. Need a literal jolt of energy? Slap this electrifying wearable on and let the amps flow. Thync is here to fry your brain help you regulate your mood through the magic of technology.

Thync wants to help you in one of two ways: it either wants to create a serene, calming effect to soothe your anxiety and stress away (by shocking your brain with electricity) or energize you to be more motivated and awake (by shocking your brain with electricity). The shocking your brain with electricity method seems much better suited for the latter, but Thync is aided by a set of strips and an app to help users achieve their desired mood.

The device itself attaches to an adhesive strip and sits atop the right temple, with the strips acting as facilitators for the mood you wish to establish. There are calming strips and energizing strips, and each device comes with five packs of each. If you want to chill out, you’ll attach the other end of the calming strip to the base of your skull where the cervical spine nerve circuit can be stimulated by pulses of electricity (up to 20 milliamps) to reportedly create a calming effect. If you need a boost that caffeine simply can’t provide, you’ll attach the other end of the energizing strip behind your right ear to stimulate the circuit of the facial nerve that controls our “Fight or Flight” response, making us feel more aware and alert. These self-induced electroshock sessions go on anywhere from five to 20 minutes, with the effects supposed to last for at least an hour.

Through the Thync app, there are different programs and settings that you can institute to better modulate the mood and feeling you wish to experience, be it the Awake program to jump start your day, the Workout program to energize and motivate you to exercise or the Sleep program to facilitate a mellow lull into dreamland. With each strip lasting between one and five sessions, you can make use of this instant mood enhancement technique quite easily and frequently. The wearable itself will cost you $200 out of pocket, and when it comes time to replace those strips, you’re looking at around $40 a pack.

Over on their sleek website, Thync delves more into the science behind their wearable, going into specific detail about neurosignaling that targets certain nerves for electrical stimulation to help elicit an array of changing moods for a person at the drop of a hat. For a device that literally shocks you with electricity, Thync has had numerous studies published about the safety of its usage, getting a clean bill of health from them all, including the FDA. So if zapping the stress out of your life or electrifying yourself into action is something that sounds like a fun time to you, there’s probably nothing left for you to Thync about – this wearable is for you.

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