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Soon, even your baby can travel with style and luxury, in Volvo’s new “Excellence” addition of the company’s XC90. At least some might think this way.

We’ve all heard of driverless cars, but now if you are wealthy enough and would like to be chauffeured around, this feature allows you to relax while staring into your baby’s eyes. Excessive perhaps? You can be the judge.

Volvo has been known for their innovative ideas, piled on one after the other, like Lifepaint invisible and reflective bikes, and even imaging technology for driverless cars. Right before this, they also introduced the lounge console concept, where you can put your feet up and watch a movie. But, this new invention is a bit different.

middle console volvo seat

After all, there is another human life involved here.

Although this concept may be scary looking to some, it is arguably the safest way for your baby to travel, according to certified car seat expert, Dr. Alisa Baer. This is because the rear-facing swivel seat acts like a catcher’s mit in the event of a crash, protecting the child’s neck.

Volvo would also like to start eliminating car crash fatalities by 2020 with their innovative designs, according to Wired. They plan to use a test program with real customers in 2017, so they can eventually give all children the proper safety they feel they need.

While this seems like a decent idea, according to experts and Volvo’s long-standing credibility with driving innovation, but there is still no estimated time for the new child seat concept.

childs volvo seat

Who knows what Volvo will come up with next, but one can only anticipate wondrous innovations on the horizon.

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