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Have you ever been subject to ridicule or scolding because of laziness or apathy? Well it turns out, it might not be entirely your fault. In fact, scientists have stumbled onto a neurological reason that may be causing you to be a complete and utter sloth with not a care in the world. While this discovery doesn’t necessarily explain away all bouts of laziness and apathy, it does reveal a new causality for the kind of crippling, pathologic shrug worthy demeanor some possess.

New research has shown that inefficient connections between certain parts of the brain may make it a lot harder for some people to simply give a flying fuck. To acquire these results, the very motivated neurologists of Oxford University studied differences between the brains of young participants who were deemed motivated based on a questionnaire and those who were deemed more apathetic. The participants in the study were tasked with a decision-making game that allowed researchers to scan and observe how their brains functioned during the activity using an MRI.

During each cycle of the game, subjects were offered a reward in return for their effort during the game. The subjects had to decide whether or not to accept this reward, based on if they thought it was worth the effort they put forth. In what should come as no surprise, the participants identified as more apathetic were less likely to accept offers that required effort, even if that offer was a substantial reward.

MRI scan from Oxford University showing brain activity in apathetic subjects.

However, when a select few lazy bums did accept the reward, the MRI showed a greater amount of activity in their pre-motor cortex, the area of the brain involved in decision-making and taking actions, than that of motivated subjects. This, of course, seemed counterintuitive to researchers who expected lazy subjects would have less activity in their pre-motor cortices, but was discovered to be linked to the amount of energy and effort apathetic people must expend to perform tasks.

Upon further inspection of the brains of the lazy, it was discovered that the connections between the supplementary motor area, an area of the brain that controls and dictates movement, and the anterior cingulate cortex, part of the brain revolving around decision-making and reward acceptance, were much weaker than those identified as motivated. Masud Husain, professor of neurology and cognitive neuroscience at Oxford University, further explained in a statement on his research that more effort is required from apathetic people to turn decisions into actions. “If it takes more energy to plan an action, it becomes more costly for apathetic people to make actions,” he said.

So if you’re constantly feeling and saying that you don’t have a single fuck to give, there could be some inefficient connections in your brain causing this ailment. For the rest of us, we probably can’t blame our brains on staying in bed until 3pm every now and then.

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