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Your shabby, worn out cooler is due for an upgrade.

The nipi smart cooler is the latest outdoor must-have that can transform your social events, making them more fun and productive. Find out where this camping accessory fits in with your arsenal of party tools below.


Enhanced Cooling Features

Using the latest ice-cooling technology, the smart box has the capacity to keep your drinks at optimal temperatures for six days. With a storage area of 50 quarts, there’s enough space for all of your favorite beverages and cold cuts.

Large, sturdy wheels found at the bottom of the unit lets you take the outdoor accessory to places traditional coolers can’t go, such as beaches, hikes, forests and rocky terrain. For night festivals, bright LEDs around the cooler provide plenty of support and extended lighting.


Powerful Charging Options

There are USB ports conveniently located inside and outside of the unit for your digital devices. Dual 14,000 mAh battery packs are designed to power a smartphone 14 times and a tablet eight times. Recharging features include solar, car and main power hubs. For natural alternatives, individuals have the option to power handheld devices using a solar pad. The flat panel can be mounted on the cooler or propped up separately, while staying connected through a cable.


Unique, Robust Design 

Here’s what the nipi team has to say about designing a product that surpasses the standards of today’s outdoor enthusiasts:

We had the idea for nipi while planning out our festival essentials for the summer. Festivals get really muddy, so we were looking for a cooler with integrated all terrain wheels and a long ice retention, and couldn’t believe that there was nothing on the market that really worked or looked good!

From there the idea started. We put a lot of research into other problems that people encountered during either their time camping at the festivals, camping off grid, going to the beach, rocking up to a party or just going out for a picnic in woods. We wanted to bring a cooler to the market that could be as useful as possible. The real key points that started being highlights were charging points, solar, mobility, security and ice retention. We wanted to solve all of these problems with one device.


Pricing and Ordering Information

You can pre-order the smart cooler from the company’s Kickstarter campaign page. There are several pledges available that offer competitive discounts from the estimated retail price of $455.

Choosing the Super Early Bird Special (limited to 50 backers) would allow you to get your hands on the unit for $160. Next is the Early Bird Special package priced at $195 and the Early Bird for $245. The standard discounted package goes for $265.

Picking up two nipi coolers under the Early Bird bundle costs $390. When that runs out, the next tier is priced at $490. There are also discounted pricing options for three units. The ultimate family package, which includes 10 smart coolers, goes for $1950 (estimated retail value of $4490).

All units come with internal and external LED lighting, all-terrain wheels, 14,000 mAh battery and 12w solar panel. Expansion options include a nipi padlock ($15), extra 14,000 mAh battery ($49) and additional 12w solar panel ($55).

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