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Almost every body part has been claimed by a wearable, and the finger is no different. The latest device to add lifestyle controls to your appendages is Neyya. In the smart ring arena, it has the most compatible apps, and works with a long list of third-party gadgets. Here’s a closer look at the latest release from the Indian startup.


Point and Tap 

The ring is useful in a variety of everyday settings. It connects to your smartphone via Bluetooth, where you can access the main controls of the device. Currently, the wearable is compatible with iOS, OS X, Windows 8.1, Roku smart TV boxes and GoPro cameras. Out of the box, you can control volume and track selection on iTunes. Non-app features are also available, such as Siri activation. During presentations, the device shines as a must-have piece. With PowerPoint integration, you could control slides seamlessly in real-time while pitching a product or presenting your findings inside a conference room.

Neyya pushes out smart notifications for calls and messages when you’re on the go. It will vibrate and light up as it interacts with other devices. The flat, capacitive touchpad can be used for swiping and selecting items from the ring. You’re not limited to using the official app to navigate through the features. “Wearables like Fitbit and Apple Watch have transformed the way we track, monitor and manage our health and communications,” said Sonia Hunt, Neyya president. “With Neyya we are attempting to reimagine the way we control and interact with our productivity devices. Our team is focused on creating interactive products that engineer a conscious shift in the way we work and experience our daily lives.”



Hardware Specs

Powering the device is a lithium ion battery that lasts about 10 days on standby and three days for power users. This gives regular users about seven days of consistent power on a single charge. The shell is made out of stainless steel, with titanium or 18K gold-plated options. At first glance, the ring looks rather bulky. The black plastic touchpad sticks out like a sore thumb, even on the smallest version of the accessory. It is designed to be worn on your index finger, which will definitely turn heads at the office.

With that being said, this isn’t a gadget that you need to have on 24/7. It’s small enough to carry around all day in a bag, so you have the option to pull it out only when you need it, like during presentations, selfie sessions or outdoor filming. Neyya comes with a magnetic charging dock that also functions as a case. The pod pumps power into the ring wirelessly, while a bright blue LED indicator will tell you when the battery is fully charged (usually takes about 90 minutes).

The startup is selling the device for $139 for the titanium version and $179 for the gold-plated model. You should be able to find the smart ring at major online retail stores, including Amazon, Bloomingdales and Selfridges in the UK.

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