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From the tiniest of wireless microphones and portable interfaces to digital instruments and a wearable metronome – these high-tech music gear options would have made Rachmaninoff himself jealous.

Mikey Digital


Photo: Mikey Digital

Weighing in at 18lbs, with a 230-degree swivel head and reversible Lightning connector, the Mikey Digital is an ultra-compact condenser stereo microphone that turns your iPad and/or iPhone into a mobile recording device. According to, the Mikey captures impeccable recordings of live music, audio for video, interviews, guitar, podcasts and vocals – whenever and wherever inspiration strikes. Mikey Digital works directly with most popular video and audio recording apps and features a mini USB connector so that you can charge your device while recording longer events. Price is around $100.

Soundbrenner Pulse Metronome Smartwatch


Photo: Soundbrenner Pulse

Described as the musician’s smartwatch, the Soundbrenner Pulse is the first wearable metronome designed to be worn on a musician’s arm or leg. For more serious band sessions, multiple units can also be synced for groups of up to 10 people. With a vibrator that provides haptic feedback, the company Soundbrenner claims it’s Pulse vibrations are six times more powerful than a regular smartphone and/or smartwatch. Talk about your good vibrations! Here’s a video of a guitarist’s reaction after using the Pulse wearable for the first time.

According to the CEO of Soundbrenner, Florian Simmendinger, setting the Pulse up is easy, “By using the Beats Per Minute (BPM) tap feature, the musician taps out the tempo on the face of the pulse, and the touch sensor combined with a special algorithm reproduces it as vibrations or a flashing LED with customizable colors.” Other Pulse specs include: a 4-5hr battery life, Bluetooth and mobile app compatibility with iOS, iPhone 4S (and newer) and most Android phones. Starting at $99 – The Soundbrenner Pulse wearable kit will include 1 Soundbrenner Pulse, 1 short black band, 1 long black band, 1 charging station and the mobile app. The product roll out is expected this November 2015.




A truly portable versatile percussion instrument, the Jambe configures sounds and layouts using the iOS app (plans are in the works to add Android users). This app includes different instruments to which the Jambe can be set, giving it a range of sounds for a variety of musical needs and it allows anyone to create music by using their hands, fingers, or drumsticks. The use of small angular sections is what makes Jambe portable. Each section is configured to a different sound — meaning you can play drums (however, the makers promise it offers more than electric drums) all on a single (or double) Jambe and even more – it can be connected to your audio equipment.

The company recently stated on Kickstarter that they were not able to meet their funding goals, however, they are still moving forward with development and production (with purchasing still available) and are honoring pledges – so Jambe to your heart’s content.

Artiphon Instrument 1


Photo: Artiphon – Facebook

How can you simulate a full band sound on one digital instrument? Enter the Artiphon Instrument 1. This instrument can produce music that sounds like you’re stumming a guitar, tapping a piano, or looping beats and more. This function ultimately allows you to become a DJ, an alt-rock band, or an orchestra at any given moment. This multi-band miracle is possible by using a pressure-sensitive interface that can control software instruments via USB MIDI.

It has twelve touch-sensitive pads, crossed with six digital strings and six physical buttons. Gizmag reports that the Artiphon has plug-in-and-play compatibility with hundreds of apps including popular software like Garageband, Logic Pro, ProTools and Ableton Live. The company has tested it extensively with both OS X and Windows applications since it’s initial design in 2012. The latest version of the product is more widely compatible, features a new design, and prices start at $349.

iRig PRO  IPIRIGPROIN-IK-Multimedia-IRIG-Pro-Universal-Audio_MIDI-InterfacePhoto: iRig PRO

Need a portable interface for your Mac, iPhone, or iPad that connects your studio mics, all your instruments, and your MIDI controller so you can jam, practice, and record wherever and whenever? It’s possible with the pocket-sized universal iRig PRO. The toothpaste-sized interface offers high-end quality 24-bit A/D conversion for crisp sound. The iRig can handle XLR condenser mics, basses and guitars, keyboards and other line-level sources, as well as MIDI controllers and it includes 3 connector cables: Lightning, 30-pin and USB. Price point: $149.99.



Photo: Mikeme

With 8GB of memory and a 7hr battery life, Mikme is a tiny studio-quality wireless microphone that could be the answer for anyone needing a portable microphone from musicians and filmmakers to podcasters, interviewers, and writers. It works with your smartphone, tablet, and computer and according to the Mikme Indiegogo site, in order to use Mikme you simply tap it, start recording on its built-in audio recorder, then send your music via Bluetooth to the Mikme mobile app for editing, tweaking, and sharing. Starting at $169, Mikme promises to be available this Fall – stay tuned.

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