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The Discovery Channel recently held it’s bi-annual Shark Week programming extravaganza this past month, and I don’t know about you, but there’s something truly fascinating about watching how fierce those 450 million year old apex predators of the deep truly are. However, to be caught in the mouth of one while finding the perfect wave – no thanks.


So, in honor of swimming and surfing safety – a new shark-repellent technology product has been created called Shark Shield. The Australian company claims that with Shark Shield, they’ve replaced “fear with awe” and that it’s taken 20 years for the product to evolve into what it is today: a proven, reliable, and non-evasive shark deterrent technology.


It also declares that users will have peace of mind to swim, surf, kayak and dive into the blue without fear. And underlying it all – is a deep respect for sharks, as the product doesn’t harm the mighty sea creatures.

How Does Shark Shield Work?

The shark deterrent technology consists of two electrodes which when lowered into the water emit a three dimensional protective electronic field that surrounds the user. When a shark comes within a few meters of the Shark Shield – strong electronic pulses, emitted by the device, cause the shark to experience muscle spasms.

The technology behind Shark Shield:

However, this electric pulse doesn’t harm the shark in any way, it merely causes it to experience a high level of discomfort – which results in the shark to turn away from the electronic field. “It doesn’t cause any long-term damage. It just causes the muscular contraction of their snout. As soon as they’re outside of the field, that spasm stops,” claims Shark Shield General Manager Amanda Wilson. A win-win for both sea-lover and shark. Interested? Visit Shark Shield for product and pricing details.

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