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Announced just recently, Fitbit is launching an update on their best-selling Charge HR in the form of the Fitbit Charge 2. The first thing to note is that the display screen is four times larger than it’s predecessor! However, touch-sensitivity is not incorporated into its design yet again. One of the other major differences in this wearable device is that it includes an array of sub-menus within the standard menu options of steps, heart rate, stopwatch and various other exercise options so you’ll be able to keep even better track of your daily goals and numbers.

Another feature is a connected GPS which means, if you’re carrying your phone on you during your morning jog or cycle through the park, the Charge 2 can incorporate GPS tracking into your exercise so that distances are more accurately measured. These stats will then be easily accessible through the Fitbit app. Fitbit has also added in a metric called Cardio Fitness, which is an estimation of your measure of maximal oxygen uptake that is derived from info such as your age, gender, heart rate level, running speed and weight, that then gives you an overall score. This is an especially great new addition for serious athletes trying to make the best of their cardio sessions.


Last, but definitely not least, a new feature on the wristband called Relax guides users through a very brief (either 2 or 5 minutes) breathing exercise that’s meant to help calm their body and power down either at the end of a stressful day or a particularly taxing workout. Expected to ship by mid-September, the Charge 2 costs the same as the Charge HR at $149 and is accepting preorders now on the Fitbit site!

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