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Are you a photographer that needs a model or stylist for a shoot, like, pronto? Don’t worry – there’s an app for that! FStop is a new app that’s aiming to make putting together photo shoots super streamlined for all parties involved. Once you download the app and set it up, you’ll be able to match with photographers, models, retouchers, stylists and makeup gurus interested in working and collaborating with others.

There are easy-to-use filter options based on what type of individual you’re looking to work with, such as body features, pay rate, age, location, sex and body modifications. Similar to Tinder, tapping a person’s profile card will show you their full details. You can either hit the red “X” to dismiss them or the blue “✓” to indicate your interest. If it’s a match, you’ll be able to get in touch via chat and start setting up your collaboration.

When you’re done working together, users can even rate their experiences with one another. Additionally, a convenient, built-in payment platform allows transactions to be made between users of the app. And if you really, really need someone to work with quickly or just don’t like to waste time, there is a function that will match you with people who like your profile automatically. FStop is still in the infantile stage in the big wide world of apps, but be sure to head over to their site and give it a try.

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