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Technology is a wonderful thing. It allows us to get things done at a much faster pace than before, giving rise to leisure time for those who have access to it. This allows us to catch up on the important things in life: namely, binge watching TV shows on Netflix. However, many people (myself included) seem to doze off when watching Netflix. After several (hundred) or so episodes, the eyes need to rest. Knowing this, Netflix has released a guide on how to create socks that pause Netflix while you sleep.

The socks, created for those who decide to binge watch TV shows and movies at 2 am instead of 2 pm, won’t be directly sold by Netflix itself. In fact, the viewer needs to exert some effort to get these Netflix-pausing socks working—a paradox given that the end product is the final result of laziness. “Making Netflix socks from scratch means doing a little knitting and building some electronics. If knitting isn’t your thing, you can always enlist the help of a knitting-savvy friend or simply use socks you already own. To build the sensor, you’ll need an understanding of electronics and micro-controller programming, and be comfortable around a soldering iron,” the company said.

The process seems rather simple at first. You can use any of your socks lying around or create a design for yourself. However, the tech comes into play immediately. “We’ve based our sleep detection system on a popular method called actigraphy. An accelerometer detects when you’ve stopped moving for a prolonged period of time and triggers a signal to your TV that pauses Netflix. When it detects that you’ve dozed off, an LED light in the cuff of the sock flashes red, warning that the pause signal is about to be sent to your TV. Any motion will stop it from firing,” the company said. Actigraphy is a non-invasive method of monitoring human rest and activity cycles.

Then you’ll need to gather materials: socks, an Arduino micro-controller, infrared LEDs, an LED indicator light, a battery, a momentary button, an accelerometer and a 12” x 12” piece of felt. Netflix makes some recommendations for parts as well. They recommend a 500 mAh capacity battery and 2 mm wool felt because wool is a non-conductor, flexible and easily cut. Knowledge of tech is extremely important here. Aside from knowing how to connect wires and use a soldering iron, the Arduino micro-controller requires some knowledge of programming.

Netflix also uses guides potential sock makers on how to tweak their creation, such as creating an IR repeater or a pulse sensor to monitor heart rate. In addition, Netflix is looking for people to submit fresh ideas on making the Netflix experience a better one, which means that it is tapping into innovation to strengthen its brand in the crowded media streaming market. Queue up Netflix, pour a glass of Pinot Noir and slip on these cozy socks to never miss a second of your favorite show again!

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