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Neiman Marcus and Stellé Audio are out to reinvent the fashion audio industry. After last year’s releases, the brands are back with fresh versions of their iconic Pillar and Go-Go line.

“We are thrilled to expand our partnership with Neiman Marcus by offering consumers new products and new colors this holiday. For every occasion and mood there’s a play list, and each playlist is as unique and individual as the people listening to them. Our products complement our consumers’ individual preferences through unique designs, a variety of finishes and distinctive materials,” said Anna Perelman, CEO and Founder of Stellé Audio.


The Golden Pillar

Looking for a sleek living room accessory? The revamped audio pillar wireless speaker now comes in shiny gold. Under the hood, the device packs the same specs as last year’s version. You can expect quality 360-sound coming from all angles that will make you feel like you’re at a live concert.

Placing the 2.1 stereo system (1.5″ acoustic drivers and a 3″ subwoofer) in the middle of the room allows the sound waves to resonate evenly throughout the whole space. Should a call disrupt your listening session, simply activate the speakerphone option from the built-in microphone for seamless conversations.N1

To get the most out of the gadget, you’ll have to pair it with your smartphone or any Bluetooth-enabled device. In case that doesn’t work out for you (wireless anything gets tricky sometimes), you could always use the 3.5 mm stereo input cable to manually connect to the speaker. With a range of over 50 feet, you’re always within a manageable distance to beam in the latest tunes for your guests.

Priced at $299, the unit packs a robust lithium-ion rechargeable battery that pushes power to the speaker for 15 hours of continuous playback. This thing can fuel back-to-back techno and electronica sets for those late night house parties.

Go-Go Speaker

The Go-Go speaker is the ultimate solution for portable listening. Unlike the golden wireless pillar, this one is small and easy to transport. The new color combination that you can pick up is Navy and Gold. It is the latest addition to the “Love to Give” collection, which donates roughly 10 percent of the profits from the unique speaker to the Heart of Neiman Marcus Foundation. The organization supports artistic projects to help inspire and mold younger generations.N2

The speaker itself can be taken with you everywhere, perfect for camping or hiking trips due to its size and portablility. For added durability, the device is designed to be both shock and water-resistant. Carrying options include a handy strap found at the top of speaker, or an adjustable mount for strollers, bikes and sidecars. The battery lasts a solid eight hours on a full charge. A slot with USB-to-USB capabilities is available for instant recharging using power banks or other external sources. Like its older brother, you could pump music into the speaker as long as you’re within the 50 feet range. Pricing for the special edition unit starts at $129.

With these sleek new options, Neiman Marcus and Stellé Audio are continuing to carve out an aesthetically striking niche in the audio realm.

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