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Beer: it’s not just for frat parties, football games and hipster microbreweries anymore! Turns out, you might be able to use beer as material to 3D print things. 3Dom is a company that has transformed the hoppy nectar of the gods from a bar staple into the raw material used in the 3D printing process. They specifically specialize in eco-friendly printing filaments and found that leftover material from beer waste, like barley and hops, actually produces a sustainable and effective filament.

Cheekily dubbed Buzzed, 3Dom’s beer fueled 3D printing process uses a brewski filament that has a visible grain in it, which supports the production of 3D printed products, but leads to inconsistent coloring (who cares, it’s more novel that way). Any machine capable of printing Polyactic acid can support the company’s Buzzed filaments, and luckily, that means pretty much every 3D printer on the market is a viable candidate.

Just think of how meta it would be to drink a nice, tall cold one from a mug 3D printed with a beer filament! If ever there were a case for American made products, 3Dom’s Buzzed beer filaments take the cake. But 3Dom isn’t just stopping with its beer filaments. No, they’re set on making a whole line of these c2composite filaments using bio-based products as material to facilitate 3D printing. If beer is for whatever reason not you’re thing, 3Dom also recently completed work on a coffee based filament called Wound Up. Needless to say, 3Dom’s marketing team is killing it.

Okay, so maybe the title of this post is a bit misleading. Please, for the love of God, don’t go pouring your Heineken into a 3D printer. But still, for beer manufacturers who have to get rid of all that grainy, frothy beer residue regardless, the fact that it can be converted into filament for the 3D printing process is pretty spectacular. No word yet on the alcoholic content of these filaments and whether or not the alcohol gets burned out during the printing process, but I wouldn’t try consuming 3D printed products that used Buzzed filaments to get some kind of weird, new age buzz going on. Just settle on knowing that beer has been proven to be pretty much a necessity. That’s not me talking, that’s science.

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