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Staying connected 24/7 is tiring. Slaving away in front of a screen, whether it’s a computer monitor, a smartphone or a television, will get you a one-way ticket to burnout-ville. When taking a vacation isn’t an option, you create your own pockets of escape any way you can.

Now there’s a new way to help you calm your nerves when you’re edging out on your fifth cup of coffee. It’s a special clock that goes against everything technology stands for. You can’t connect it to an app. It’s not smart or digital. There aren’t any instant sharing features that let you show it off to your friends on social media. All you have to do is stare at it and your immediate worries will instantly get sucked into the spinning pieces of the device.

Remnants of a Japanese Rock Garden

Created by Studio Ayaskan, a London-based design group led by Bike and Begum Ayaskann, the Sand clock relies on a single arm that displays time by carving smooth ripples in a circular bed filled with sand. The rake moves in a concentric motion as it leaves perfect indentations depending on the time. The official description of the timepiece reads:

“The installation consists of two complimentary clocks; Sand and Water. Sand, inspired by Zen Gardens, is the gradual formation and flattening of a ripple pattern over a period of twelve hour cycles. Water, on the other hand, tells the ephemeral time through concentric circles in the form of endless waves that ripple by the second. It is the landscapes and the cycles found in nature, that both the projects represents.”

Attempting to create an action-packed schedule using the clock will probably make you 15 minutes late for all of your appointments, so don’t even try it until you’ve mastered the mechanics of the gadget. In case you’re still having a hard time grasping how the clock works, here’s a diagram that can point you in the right direction.


The Art of Letting Go

The device isn’t designed for precise timekeeping. Unlike most devices today, it’s not backed up by the mysteriously accurate atomic clock. Instead, it’s supposed to mimic the features of a vintage hourglass. One look at the living room accessory will provide you with a general idea of how far along you are in the day or night. Perhaps it was designed this way to help you let go of the daily stress that comes with timely commitments and missed deadlines.

“Within a space-time continuum, time is perceived as the fourth dimension. The past, the present and the future is a whole. Ripples of time allow natural materials to be shaped by time, reminding us of its presence,” wrote the company on their website. If procrastination is your enemy, this device could help kick you back into reality. It really doesn’t matter how you look at it; the clock emits vibes of peaceful inspiration for anyone lucky enough to own what could be the most influential timepiece of the modern era.

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