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The Nebia shower head is a revolutionary device that can change your life.

“Showers have been the same for a hundred years,” explained Phillip Winter, CEO and co-founder of Nebia. “It turns out the age-old belief that more water equals a better experience isn’t necessarily true.”


What Is It?

Showering is one of the most overlooked rituals that is eating away at the world’s dwindling water supply. To change the way people use water, developers at Nebia labs came up with a way to reduce the amount needed for a comfortable shower by over 70 percent.

Nebia is a highly efficient shower head that is loaded with robust technology. Using aerospace-grade spray nozzles, the device breaks up water droplets into tiny particles. This results in a larger surface area during the experience (up to 10 times).

By changing the way water is distributed, less of the stuff is wasted. Like walking under an outdoor mist machine, water covers more of your body, instead of just one, small part. The unique design could also help speed up the showering process. By reaching more areas, less movement is required while rinsing.

Nebia in bathroom

Disrupting Traditions Using Technology

“To innovate on the shower experience, we had to look outside of the current industry and approach the engineering problem from a completely new angle,” said Nebia co-founder Gabriel Parisi-Amon.

“The last half century of nozzle technology has completely changed what we can do with droplet sizes and distributions. However, this tech has only been applied to very specialized fields, like rocket engines and medical devices. We used these same tools and technology to develop Nebia.”


Ordering Information

Due to high demand, most of the early bird and special packages on the company’s Kickstarter campaign are currently unavailable. However, you can still get one for $299 (retail price of $399). The option for two units was recently reinstated, which costs $598 (originally $798).

For a household solution, the Family Pack offers three Nebias at $799 (discounted from $1,197). The top tier includes 40 shower heads (great for hotels or health clubs). This option costs $10,000.

Estimated delivery period for the orders is May 2016.

With over $2.4 million raised and 18 days to go, backers are already raving about the potential of the essential home gadget. Notable individuals and groups supporting the campaign include Apple’s chief executive Tim Cook, the Schmidt Family Foundation (founded by Google chairman Eric Schmidt) and Silicon Valley’s Y Combinator.


Installation Requirements

With the right components, installing the device takes roughly 90 seconds. But before you jump into the process, you need to meet a few requirements. Your shower plugs have to exit from the wall, not the ceiling. Next, the pipe that carries the water to the location of the head should at least be five feet from the floor.

Atomizing water requires pressure, and for the Nebia, your shower should be able to pump out 35 PSI. Water temperature needs to hit a minimum of 115 degrees (Fahrenheit). To make sure your current shower system adheres to the prerequisites, it might be a good idea to hire a professional for a thorough assessment.

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