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There’s nothing better than sitting on a comfortable couch while eating pizza and watching a movie after a long week at the office.

Thanks to Pizza Hut and Ogilvy & Mather Group HK with Chief Creative Officer Reed Collins, the timeless combination has finally been fused together in one product, called the Blockbuster Box.

How Does It Work?

The edgy pizza box is designed to turn into a standard wall projector in four easy steps. Minimal assembly is required to transform the humble cardboard box into a DIY movie player.

First, you have to punch a pre-cut hole at the front of the box. Using the pizza table that functions as a lens, simply insert the final component inside the hole. To project a movie, one has to place a smartphone in the center of the makeshift device.

Enhance the Experience with Netflix and Bluetooth Speakers

The Blockbuster Box comes with a range of movies that spreads across several mainstream genres. For action fans, there’s the Fully Loaded box. Slice Night is ideal for those who can’t get enough of horror flicks. If you’re planning a cozy date at home, the Hot & Ready option screens a romantic movie. Lastly, Anchovy Armageddon caters to sci-fi fanatics.

To activate the movie, individuals must scan the QR code on the side of the box. If you don’t want to watch any of the preset movie choices, you can project something from Netflix. Other video-streaming apps, such as VLC or a stock smartphone player, will also do the trick.

Audio comes from the smartphone playing the movie, which is inside the box. With the cardboard projector closed, this can make the audio sound a bit muffled. If you have Bluetooth speakers around, this should make up for the boxy sound quality.

Alternatively, audio wires that connect to the 3.5mm headphones slot found on most smartphones should also work. You may need to manually drill a small hole on the side of the box for the wires to ensure the mobile device inside remains steady and upright.

Pizza Hut Blockbuster Box 3

Limited Release and the Colossal 420 Pizza

The international pizza company’s latest offering is currently available in Hong Kong. Plans to release the special box in other cities are still unknown.

Prior to the Blockbuster Box, Pizza Hut launched the Four’N Twenty Stuffed Crust Pizza in collaboration with the famous Four’N Twenty Australian food brand. The monstrous pizza is loaded with meat, while mini-discs surround the massive pie. Essentially, it’s a pizza with eight smaller pies attached to it like an octopus.

“Aussies love pizza and we love pies, so in a world first we’ve brought these two legendary foods together in the crust, the perfect combination for the heart of the footy season,” said Fatima Syed, head of marketing and innovation, Pizza Hut Australia.

As you might’ve guessed, the Four’N Twenty Stuffed Crust Pizza is only available in Australia. Nevertheless, it’s reassuring to know that Pizza Hut is still pushing the boundaries of everyone’s favorite savory pie.

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