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Move over, Netflix. Snapchat is riding into town guns blazing. As the tumbleweeds of network and cable channels bounce through the desert landscape of television, the reigning streaming giant Netflix could be facing it’s maker – a standoff with Snapchat’s Ghostface Chillah.

That’s right, Snapchat is making its first significant foray into original programming to challenge the likes of streaming services for TV domination. Their headliner is none other than Sofia Vergara. Clearly bored with being TV’s highest paid actress, and no doubt trying to ensure her viability as an actress as “Modern Family” approaches its seventh season, Vergara has partnered with Fusion, a joint venture of Univision Communications and ABC Networks for “Vergaraland,” a six-episode series that will debut exclusively on Snapchat this summer.

Billed as a quasi-docuseries that will take a humorous inside look at Vergara’s career through the eyes of her son, Manolo, “Vergaraland” will easily be Snapchat’s most high-profile series to date, having launched a few overlooked series like “Literally Can’t Even” which was met with little fanfare and a resounding critical “meh.” The episodes will be available for 24 hours once released, equaling the shelf life of the app’s Snapstory feature. It’s a bold move for an app that’s built its brand on the quick vanishing act of content, but presents some interesting points to ponder about the viability of the app as a producer of original content and where Snapchat could possibly fall in the realm of the evolving TV landscape.

After all, cable is going the way of the dinosaurs. Netflix has effectively neutered it, offering full catalogues of hundreds of shows allowing viewers to watch at their own pace (i.e. binge like Cookie Monster at a Mrs. Fields) while also producing original shows off their own, like critical darlings “House of Cards” and “Orange Is the New Black.” And with more and more shows premiering recently, everything from the adorably quirky “Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt” to the brooding “Daredevil,” Netflix is responsible for many of the buzziest new shows being produced with their successful, all-episodes-available-at-once model. Meanwhile, Hulu offers current episodes of popular shows airing now at most a week after they’ve aired. And while live, appointment viewing is still breathing with hits like “Scandal” and “Empire,” those shows owe most of their attention to the rabid social conversations that take place during them.

With only 24 hours to watch, it’ll be interesting to see if “Vergaraland” can create the rush and fervor to get people watching before the episodes are seemingly gone forever. Though I doubt that will be the case, it stands to reason that Snapchat wouldn’t profit as much should its content be made available elsewhere. Nevertheless, with built-in binge parameters that rival Netflix’s, could Snapchat actually hold onto something for once? Vergara’s a magnetic star, but does she have the lure to pull this off? Time will tell, but for now, it seems like clicking your remote or entering your Netflix password is still the fastest, easiest, most convenient way to bask in TV’s warm glow.

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