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Making a big impression starts with a business card. Sadly, that’s also where most attempts at networking fail. MOO, a London-based digital print service company, wants to put an end to that ineffective contact cycle through the release of Business Cards+.

“The business world is constantly evolving and adopting new technologies that streamline communication, and we at MOO believe the digital printing market should adapt to bridge the gap between online and offline identities,” CEO Richard Moross said in a statement.

The brand’s latest product takes traditional contact cards into the digital age by embedding a Near Field Communication (NFC) chip inside each card. In case you’re wondering, this is the same technology that smartphones use to interact with POS terminals during wireless transactions.

How Does It Work?

The company’s latest offering is a piece of high-quality paper that acts as a vessel for an NFC chip. This allows potential clients to access a link when they tap the card on an NFC-enabled device. You could direct the receiver to your company website, portfolio, social media page or even to a map of an event that you’re promoting. The action that you decide to attach to the chip is entirely up to you. Here are a few examples of how far you can take this feature:

  • Link an online shopping cart, where a client can use a promo code found on the card
  • For job seekers, a download page for your cover letter, CV and samples
  • A video chat room to an online conference

MOO has the whole setup process covered. You can specify an action from your account, and all of the cards will be updated instantly. For now, the product only supports a handful of Windows and Android devices. You may also want to consider that getting the cards wet may affect scanning success rates. Just like normal business cards, you’ll want to keep these dry.


Analytics and Tracking

After handing out a batch of cards at a conference, you might be curious how many people are checking out your links through the chip. To help you understand the impact you’re making, the company allows you to track card-related activities and customer actions. This feature is incredibly important because based on the feedback you receive, you can update the content on the chip to tweak what is and isn’t working.

For example, if you notice that everyone has already opened your portfolio and you want to capture leads, you could update the chip to direct users to an online contact form. If people aren’t responding to the link that you’re directing them to, you may choose to change it to something more engaging.

Individuals who are interested in vamping up their networking efforts can order the savvy business cards from the company’s official website. A starter pack of 20 costs around $37.00, while a large bundle of 80 cards goes for roughly $147.00. For business cards, it’s definitely a bit pricey, but keep in mind that they’re designed to last way longer than the ones collecting dust in your wallet and the trash bins of most people you meet anyway.

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