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In most cases, a company presenting their new line of next generation products at CES sticks to one lane or realm of the tech industry – their bread and butter, so to speak. Not Misfit. Misfit made two huge announcements in completely different areas of the tech field, and each product has got techies from across the aisle chattering. Unveiling both an activity tracking wearable and wireless, smart headphones, Misfit went for the jugular at this year’s CES

Despite the obvious split between launching both a wearable and a set of headphones (which could arguably actually be referred to as wearables too), what unites these two separate realms of technology is the overall goal and functionality of the products Misfit creates: tracking activity and monitoring sleep. Read below for a more in-depth break down of Misfit’s Ray activity tracking wearable and Specter “Smart Hearable” headphones.

Ray Fitness & Sleep Monitor

Misfit Ray activity tracker

With the ability to be worn on either your neck or wrist, the Ray wearable features an adjustable rubber band designed specifically to make it fit flawlessly – a standard requirement for any truly great wearable. Inside is a built-in 3-axis accelerometer that tracks your activity and sleep. If Ray thinks you’ve been a little too sloth lately, a multicolor LED “eye” combines with a vibration motor that provides feedback and alerts to basically nudge wearers into getting up and getting active.

The tech inside also mirrors some basic functionality of your typical smartwatch, including notifying users of any incoming calls or texts, and containing an alarm system. Ray is a wearable that never has to be charged due to its power source being a watch battery that simply needs to be replaced every six months. You also never have to worry about getting it wet since it’s completely waterproof. Available in black and rose gold, Ray will cost $99 and ship in the spring. By urging us to stay active and healthy, eliminating the need to charge the device and snugly fitting you like Cinderella’s glass slipper, Misfit’s Ray wearable is a true winner.

Specter “Smart Hearable” In-Ear Wireless Headphones

Misfit Specter headphones

Misfit’s newest product is their first set of smart headphones, created in tandem with partners at 1MORE. Containing dual driver technology that allows for some superbly booming sound quality and an expansive dynamic range, Specter does not disappoint on the audio front. What separates Specter headphones from the pack is an accelerometer that helps double these headphones as both audio tech and a fitness tracker. This built-in accelerometer monitors sleep and tracks activity, like every other Misfit product out there.

Those features may seem a bit bizarre for a pair of headphones, but Misfit has designed their Specter line for maximum comfortability in order to make those functions feasible and worthwhile. Misfit claims that Specter headphones are comfortable enough to be worn all day and fit like a glove inside your ears, even during sleep or exercise. The headphones will also be compatible with Misfit’s software platform: Misfit Link. Other details on Specter are scarce, but expect more information to become available this spring. A two-in-one headphone/activity tracker is bound to get techies foaming at the mouth.

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