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Finally, in news of a tech company using their incredibly bright minds and staggering resources for something truly meaningful – frog, a global design and strategy firm based in San Francisco, has developed the ultimate tech gadget of 2016 thus far, if I do say so myself: a miniature Beyoncé hologram! Unfortunately, this ***flawless creation isn’t a product available for purchase, so hold off on your dreams of getting your coffee table or empty shelf into formation with a holographic Beyoncé. Rather, the hologram was a trinket developed by frog for a time honored company tradition, and as a tie-in to some important causes their company culture is passionate about.

In a series of Instagram posts, frog detailed the backstory and creation of their Beyoncé hologram. The company has a tradition of coffee time at 4pm everyday in their offices across the globe. In San Francisco, frog employees really have their priorities straight because they decided to do a Beyoncé themed coffee time. In order to honor the queen, technologists in the SF office got to work on creating a Beyoncé hologram, similar to Tupac’s beyond the grave holographic appearance at Coachella, to unveil at coffee time. Principal Design Technologist Song King developed a 3D model in a matter of hours in order to quickly and efficiently design the configurations that would go into the hologram.


After weighing a number of different materials, options and techniques on how to best bring Beyoncé’s Sasha Fierceness to life in glorious, miniature holographic form, the technologists settled on the best option that would balance visual impact with their extremely limited timeline: top projecting the hologram onto a 45-degree tilted acrylic plane. In order to obscure the mounted iPad responsible for projecting Beyoncé’s inimitable dance moves, the technologists employed a black foam core, which also doubled as a makeshift stage that Queen Bey could shake her jelly on.

When it was brewing hour, frog employees gathered around a table with a mysterious box shrouded in a black cloth. After an insightful and thematically relevant presentation about Black History Month and the beginning of Women’s Empowerment Month in March by the SF studio’s office manager, Domonique Fines, the Beyoncé hologram was revealed to the delight of all, obviously. Brilliantly synchronized to her 2011 Billboard Awards performance of “Run the World (Girls),” the frog employees got their own mini- Beyoncé concert in holographic form. Talk about love on top of your coffee table. The world will never be the same.

Part III: "When we first heard about the Beyoncé themed coffee time, we immediately thought we could do something cool like a Tupac at Coachella inspired hologram. We committed before we really had a chance to think about how we would pull it off. We thrive on delivering beyond expectation, so we couldn’t fail. We set the hologram up on a table at eye-level, covered with a black cloth so that it could be unveiled at the end of a thoughtful presentation about Black History Month + the start of Women’s Empowerment Month on March 1st by Domonique Fines (@domoniquefines) our Office Manager in the SF studio (and @Beyoncé super fan). Synchronized with her song “Run The World”, we unveiled the hologram." #technologists #tech #hologram #design #frogSF #diy #beyonce #bey

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