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Weather apps are great, but those pixelated raindrops may not be enough to persuade you to bring an umbrella when the forecast calls for it. What if, instead of boring weather animation, you saw a physical dark cloud dropping water bombs in a small, clear box?

That’ll surely make you reconsider.

If you attended the CEATEC (Combined Exhibition of Advanced Technologies) trade show in Japan, you might have seen an ambient, robust weather device called the Tempescope.

Brew a Storm Inside a Small Weather Box

The Tempescope is the most realistic weather forecast machine you can get your hands on. Created by Ken Kawamoto, a Google Engineer who likes to invent things on the weekends, the device displays a range of visually appealing outdoor conditions. It can mimic humidity, rain, sunshine and even lightning.

If you live in an area that experiences both ends of the weather spectrum, the Tempescope is a must-have. The rectangular, acrylic box does not have any visible buttons. It connects to the Internet and gathers weather data quietly in the background, while you’re sleeping or watching TV.

For smartphone users, the weather gadget is capable of syncing to an app via Bluetooth for the latest forecast. Individuals have the option of choosing between current weather and future weather conditions.

It’s Better than Looking out the Window

The weather monitor is equipped with a tiny pump and a mist diffuser, which enables it to create wet weather conditions. Water vapor is produced through ultrasonics. During rainy weather forecasts, liquid gathers at the top of the machine and slowly drips down.

Using LEDs, various lighting patterns accentuate mood, drama and emotion- elements that are often associated with pleasant or gloomy weather. Under the hood, an Arduino microcomputer powers the smart device and wirelessly controls the display.

As a whole, it’s like looking into a snow globe, only there’s no town being pummeled by fake snow. The weather inside the Tempescope is a real depiction of the outdoor forecast.

Tempescope weather device in apartment

Where Can I Buy One?

At the moment, the smart device is not for sale. A commercial version is still under construction. Engineers working on the project promised to launch a crowdfunding campaign (most likely Kickstarter) to streamline production.

The best way to get a savvy deal on the weather machine would be through the upcoming online campaign. To receive updates on the launch of the funding round, check out the official website.

You Can Also Build Your Own

For the adventurous techie, Kawamoto provides the full layout of the device, along with detailed instructions on how to recreate the weather machine. The lengthy blueprint includes screenshots, wiring maps and tips from the weekend inventor. Schematics, CAD diagrams are under Creative Commons licensing.

The last two parts of the tutorial are incomplete, but will eventually be filled by Kawamoto. For now, he’s either working around the clock on the finalized version of the Tempescope, or playing Romo Kart in his living room, a recreated stimulation of Mario Kart that Kawamoto built himself, complete with slippery banana peels.

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