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It’s rare to see two global companies release nearly identical apps with matching names around the same date. Last year, Microsoft announced breakthroughs in time-lapse technology roughly two weeks before Instagram released its own Hyperlapse app.

Both apps can be used to create smooth time-lapse videos, but Microsoft’s version is packing some very competitive features that makes the entire process incredibly easy to manage.

Yes, It Works on Old Videos

Do you have an old clip collecting dust in your phone that you want to turn into an edgy time-lapse video? Now you can with Microsoft’s Hyperlapse app. This capability speaks volumes about how the built-in algorithm processes videos.

Instead of using data from the accelerometer, shots are reconstructed in 3D and fragments are carefully filled in the shots. The app includes facial recognition for added video stability. It also knows when to skip over parts where nothing is happening in the clip. This allows users to stitch together loose shots effortlessly, without spending too much time on trimming.

Hyperlapse Pro

For professionals, Microsoft developed the Hyperlapse Pro. The complete video time-lapse solution goes beyond the generic features found in the app version. Due to the level of processing power needed for advanced editing, the software is only available on desktops.

Users can choose from two options, a standard setting designed for quick takes and an advanced mode for meticulous editing. The core features of the software include speed and resolution adjustments.

A cloud version is also on the way, targeted for individuals who want to incorporate the technology on websites and apps. Users with an Azure Media Services account can access a public preview of the program. Time-lapse projects on the online platform are limited to 10,000 frames of video.

Microsoft Hyperlapse start screen

Will the App Work on My Phone?

The Android version of the Hyperlapse app is currently in beta. Fans of the app can expect new, refined features to rollout with each highly anticipated update. Before downloading the video-capturing tool, individuals will first need to join the Hyperlapse Mobile for Android Preview community on Google+. For now, the app works on the following Android devices:

  • Samsung Galaxy S5, S6, S6 Edge and Note 4
  • Nexus 5, 6 and 9
  • HTC One M8 and M9
  • Sony Xperia Z3

Windows Phone users can download the app from the Windows Phone Store. Hyperlapse Pro for desktops running Windows 7, 8, and 8.1 is available as a trial on the official website. Clips edited or shot on the free preview will contain a watermark. Microsoft does plan to release a paid version in the future.

An iOS version is missing in action for now, which some might see as fair, since Instragram’s time-lapse app shunned both Android and Windows.

“We’re evaluating iOS right now,” said Josh Weisberg, Microsoft Hyperlapse program manager. “We decided to focus on Windows Phone and Android because there was no hyperlapse solution there at all.”

Platform wars aside, if you’re looking for a powerful video time-lapse tool and you own one of the compatible devices required to run the app, check out Microsoft’s Hyperlapse.

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