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This coming fall, there will be a new player in luxury smartwatches. Michael Kors has decided to enter the wearables fray, announcing earlier this year that his eponymous brand will debut a line of high-end smartwatches. With the release of Michael Kors Access still months away, there’s a lot of anticipation and buzz surrounding this venture. While the Apple Watch has upped its aesthete, there’s no smartwatch available today that rivals the unbridled luxury dripping from the Access. That’s because Kors hasn’t tried to reinvent the classic look of modern watches. Where other companies have tried to invent a new category of watch with “futuristic” elements and square displays, Kors has decided to integrate tech into a timeless design. It’s an obvious decision to some, but to Kors, the design appears effortless.

Running on Google’s Android Wear, the Access is committed to making sure that tech is an accent to its design, not the driving force behind its looks. Like the Moto360, the Access has a round, touchscreen display with the same cutout on the bottom to house some vital internals. We know that the smartwatch will be able to track your steps, tell you time, and, presumably, everything else an Android Wear smartwatch can do. The watch is expected to work with both Android and iOS devices.

Based on what’s been shown so far, Kors appears to be taking the watch faces as seriously as the rest of the design. Relying on traditional faces, Kors has seamlessly integrated the more technical and useful parts of Android Wear into the watch. Should anyone take notice of your watch as they walk by, you won’t be met with a perplexed look. Instead, people are more likely to be gawking in admiration.

For how expensive the Access looks, it comes as a bit of a surprise that Michael Kors has decided to price it reasonably. Starting at $395, the Access is only slightly more expensive than the 42mm Apple Watch Sport. Now, anything priced the same as something made by Apple doesn’t exactly make it cheap, but it’s not the luxury prices one might expect from the brand. That said, you can certainly make the watch more expensive if you want to. Kors promises multiple bands to help customize your look, including silicone and leather. The watch will also be available in different variations for men and women.

While you eagerly await the arrival of Michael Kors Access this fall, sign up to be notified when it gets in so you can try it as soon as it comes out. Or, check out the current smartwatches you can try out at Lumoid today!

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