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Those fear-mongering advertisements featuring the woman with a giant cork stuck in her throat and a robot voice to scare youths away from tobacco consumption lest they develop crippling emphysema like the subject at hand are so yesterday. Today, anti-tobacco campaigns and commercials are focusing on a more light-hearted, trendy approach to persuade kids not to light up: memes, Internet celebrities and unicorns, duh.

The Truth Campaign, which has been doling out these ads for years and has made a decided effort to bring a cooler, more hip approach to the anti-smoking crusade, is responsible for this latest commercial spot, which made its big debut during this year’s MTV Video Music Awards. That fact is ironic in of itself, as both Kanye West and host Miley Cyrus blatantly glamorized their marijuana usage, which elicited ravenous applause, during the award show telecast itself.

Miley and Kanye may not be in their no smoking posse, but the ad does a good, albeit slightly desperate job of appealing to all the things the kids are talking about these days. Notably, YouTube and Vine stars populate many of the ad’s cameos, while the commercial taps into our visual and pervasive meme culture by eliciting callbacks to some of the most prominent and popular memes, like the ‘Ermahgerd!” girl, to warn against the dangers and health risks of smoking, all topped off with a unicorn that vomits rainbows and a special hashtag: #ItsATrap. Lest you think they didn’t skimp on the soundtrack of today’s youths, there’s a blaring EDM beat underlying the entire commercial.

Cigarette and tobacco usage has actually dropped dramatically in recent years, but Truth Campaign has specifically targeted this ad to address some alternative smoking techniques that could be addictive gateways to the real deal. Social smoking, hookah and flavored cigarettes are all put in the hot seat in particular, with the ad warning today’s youngsters that just because they’re not as straight up toxic as a pack of Marlboro’s, doesn’t mean they can’t lead to a late night 7-Eleven run for Menthols in the near future when the hookah fix just isn’t cutting it.

In fact, according to a recent study, 25% of teenagers surveyed said that smoking infrequently was a harmless activity that posed no real risk to their overall health. This new ad counters that claim with the statistic that half of people who smoke their first cigarette while in college still suck on a drag four years later. As for the battle against hookah, the ad cautions that an hour-long hookah session equals the amount of smoke consumed smoking around 100 to 200 cigarettes. The Center for Disease Control claims that hookah smoke is just as toxic as smoke emitted from cigarettes.

In the past, Truth Campaign has alluded to other prevalent items in youth culture to counteract against smoking, such as creating an entire ad campaign around Tinder swiping with Vine star King Bach and YouTube sensation Grace Helbig as headliners. Falling deeper down that millennial rabbit hole into utilizing memes is yet another smart and cheeky way for the campaign to get its point across. Time will tell if memes can actually convince those persnickety youngsters to forego all smoke related activity, but regardless of the ad’s efficacy, watching a unicorn upchuck a beautiful rainbow is massively more appealing than the scare tactic ads that anti-tobacco organizations typically employ.

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