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Wouldn’t it be great to lull yourself into a sense of relaxation and zap away all your stress with a handy gadget? myBran Technologies, the makers of Melomind, had just that thought. These wizards of wonder have created the world’s first EEG headset that will train your brain to cope with stress. The whole concept behind Melomind was to create a pair of relaxation  and an accompanying app that would coach and train your brain on how to handle, cope and, ultimately, reduce stress.

So, just how does Melomind achieve these amazing feats? It all starts with the science of neurofeedback. The Melomind headset is equipped with EEG sensors that constantly run a wearer’s neural information and activity through the training program in the app, giving wearers instant feedback on how to lower their stress levels. Melomind produces an audio soundscape that responds to a wearer’s unique brainwaves instantaneously, with the music adapting and modulating to your relaxation levels. This instant feedback will color the musical journey you experience using Melomind, with the music serving as an interactive composition that evolves in real-time based on your brain’s activity.

For wearer’s, the only goal is to put on Melomind and to relax. Due to instant neurofeedback, the music Melomind plays will automatically change based on your brain activity, soothing you into deeper levels of relaxation. By simply kicking back and relaxing, Melomind lulls you into deeper relaxation, triggering something known as neuroplasticity, which is teaching your brain how to adapt and strengthen itself based on things you do – in this case, relaxing. myBrain Technologies employed a talented team of neuroscientists, musicians and professional sound designers to create a pair of headphones that would play dynamic and relaxing music with the power to relax a wearer’s mind.


Of course, a great pair of headphones can only truly be relaxing if they’re comfortable to wear. Comfort was a top priority for myBrain Technologies, and they worked to create Melomind with soft fabric, memory foam in the speakers and foam all along the headband for a pillowy end product. Additionally, the detachable electrodes and EEG sensors mean that the Melomind headset can also serve as a regular pair of headphones with which you can listen to your own music. All of these features came from the idea that relaxation is a “personal action” and that Melomind should facilitate this by being “the perfect vessel for relaxation optimization.”

As for the app, it’s rather efficient and straightforward to use. Created in collaboration with experts at USERStudio, the training and coaching app boasts an intuitive and aesthetically appealing design. The app will adapt its functionality to the way you use it, tracking your progress over time and mapping out your brain activity to understand what impacts it the most. Powered by machine learning algorithms, the app will learn and recognize your habits to coach you to better relaxation and offer personalized advice to help combat stress. A mellow, relaxed mind is only a headset away!

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