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They say there are those that wear their hearts on their sleeves, but never has that been more literal, possible or flashy than with the Zenta emotion sensing smart bracelet. For a limited time, this unisex, biometric bracelet will be available in two limited-edition models studded to sparkly oblivion with Swarovski crystals. For $209, you can get either the black matte stones and leather bracelet or the rose gold metal with white crystals and gray leather. Even better, those who already pre-ordered a Zenta smart bracelet through Indiegogo can upgrade their purchase to one of the bejeweled Swarovski options.

As a wearable fitness tracker, Zenta tracks activity, steps, heart rate, respiration, galvanic skin response, temperature and sleep. Still, Zenta’s bread and butter is measuring and tracking a wearer’s emotions and studying this data in order to improve a wearer’s overall emotional and mental health and wellbeing. Developed by London startup Vinaya, Zenta pulls data from biometric sensors in the device and its third-party smartphone app to create a personalized emotional profile of users. The app utilizes machine learning to offer actionable insights into how various daily activities affect and trigger certain emotions.


Zenta hopes that if it can illustrate to wearers what things throughout our day create negative emotions or incite depression and stress, we can tailor our actions and day to avoid them. On the flip side, Zenta will also illuminate what throughout our day elicits positive emotions, happiness and just general overall wellbeing. “You will be able to get an idea of your emotional state in real time as well as your trends over time, with a view to help reduce stress and increase happiness,” said Kate Unsworth, founder and CEO of Vinaya.

As a means of drumming up more interest and intrigue, the reveal of two brand new Swarovski adorned versions of Zenta are pushing the wearable into a more fashion-forward realm. Undoubtedly, the use of Swarovski crystals is meant to attract more women to the wearable. While Zenta’s smart bracelet is unisex, marketing the emotion sensing wearable almost as a fashion accessory could open up its potential audience, especially to those who scoff at wearables or turn their noses up at them for aesthetic reasons. After all, who wouldn’t want to rock some Swarovski crystals while maintaining and improving both their physical and emotional health?


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