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Not everything is built to last. Your jeans will wear out. Your cell phone will slow down. Your car tires and the soles of your shoes will eventually wear away on the asphalt. Master & Dynamic, makers of high quality audio equipment, don’t think the same needs to be true of your headphones. With their MH40 headphones, Master & Dynamic have designed something they say will last for decades. For that to be true, the MH40 headphones will need to have superior audio quality that won’t leave you considering buying anything else, be made from extremely durable materials and need a timeless look. Essentially, Master & Dynamic needs to make you love these headphones.

Success. Master & Dynamic made me fall in love with these headphones.


The MH40 headphones aren’t playing around with a $399 price tag, and you know they’re really serious once you actually look at them. Made from durable steel in high-stress areas, genuine leather for the headband and brushed aluminum elsewhere, these headphones have an elegant-yet-industrial look that belong as much in the 80s as they do in today’s age.

With rectangular lambskin ear pads and braided cables with a mic, the MH40 headphones made me feel cool on my morning commute, but weren’t ostentatious or large enough to make me feel self-conscious. They have a quiet confidence to them. They feel great too, sitting nicely without being too stiff or tight. The ear pads are extremely comfortable as well, and I found myself forgetting that I was wearing the 360 gram headphones once I got into my groove. And get into my groove did I ever.

The MH40 headphones sound almost as good as they look – a strong compliment given that these are some of the best looking headphones I’ve ever seen. With a rich, warm sound, the MH40 headphones didn’t leave me with much to complain about. They’re well-balanced, with crisp highs and mids and bass that’s present without being overwhelming. I could switch from genre to genre without ever feeling like I was missing out on something a particular artist wanted me to hear. And you won’t be hearing much else other than what you want to given that these headphones do a great job at isolating outside noise.

The MH40 headphones are available in 7 different colors.

The MH40 headphones are available in 7 different colors.

Built to last for decades, the ear pads on the MH40 headphones are detachable and can be easily replaced when you wear them out. These headphones may look timeless, but, if you like being on the cutting edge of audio equipment, you probably aren’t comfortable committing to headphones for long enough to wear them down into oblivion. But hey! It’s there for you if you love them enough – and you just might (until Master & Dynamic come out with something better, of course).


At the end of the day, the MH40 headphones are some of the best headphones I’ve ever used. The audio performance is top-tier, but what really stands out is how great these headphones look. They’ll certainly be stylish years from now and are durable enough to last. Even though they’re a little pricey ($399), the MH40 headphones look and sound worth it.

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