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Ever since Britney Spears took us to Mars in her iconic “Oops!…I Did It Again” video and showed us just how dope our little red next door neighbor really is, it was only a matter of time before progress was made to settle the 4th rock from the sun. And while you probably won’t be able to by a vacation house on Mars anytime soon, French firm Fabulous has constructed a 3D printed shelter for exploring astronauts to bunker down in on Mars.

With a cute design mirroring an igloo, the shelter, dubbed Sfero, will be constructed through materials found on Mars and 3D printed, so at least astronauts know that they’re supporting the local Mars economy. Fabulous posits that Mars’ substrata is just the kind of raw construction material they need to 3D print these adorable abodes. Part of the shelter will be buried underground, with an airlocked access corridor allowing for safe comings and goings.

Lest you think Fabulous is gonna skimp on the housing for our brave men and women in bulky white suits, think again. These shelters are going to have three floors, each with a designated operation or purpose. The bottom floor will contain the bunkers and cozy sleeping quarters, almost assuredly filled with memory foam mattresses for optimal space slumber. The middle floor will contain work stations and offices, in addition to bathrooms, so astronauts can work in the comfort of their own adopted home and not have to worry about commuting during those pesky Mars dust storms. The top floor will be a bountiful garden where all of the food and consumables will be grown, that is, until Whole Foods moves in down the block.

How will this little 3D printed igloo house and protect astronauts as they go about trying to discover the secrets of the universe, you ask? Well, the process is centered on a central mast that will extract iron from its host planet to establish a sturdy foundation. Additionally, the mast will seek out permafrost to convert into water and use as insulation for the shelter to reduce the damaging effects of solar radiation. Testing for the shelter will hopefully begin soon either in California’s Mojave Desert, or somewhere on the beautiful state of Hawaii, because, you know, Mars and Hawaii are totally similar vacation destinations.

If Fabulous needs any inspiration for improvements, well, the argument for habitation on Mars has already been portrayed flawlessly. You can never go wrong with a red catsuit.


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