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In case you haven’t noticed, there are a lot of Bluetooth speakers out there. Some cost less than a few bucks and are given out at conferences. Others cost hundred of dollars and have grand ambitions. No matter the form factor, materials or price, the promise of a Bluetooth speaker is that it can reliably blast clear, loud audio for you on the go or fill up a small space. The problem is that there’s no shortage of Bluetooth speakers that succeed in doing so. Whether it’s a no name brand or a household name, anyone can easily find a speaker at their price range that can deliver.

So how do does a manufacturer stand out? If you’re the maker of the Get Together, you try to give yourself as much personality as possible, deck your packaging out with Rastafarian colors and name your company Marley. Fitting, seeing as the company was co-founded by Bob Marley’s son, Rohan Marley.


Marley embraces the principles of Bob Marley himself by promising not only high quality equipment (including headphones, larger speakers and watches), but also environmental protection and a commitment to the Marley family’s nonprofit 1Love. The Get Together speaker is made from bamboo and – you probably guessed it – hemp. They look great together; a seamless fit on any shelf, not to mention strike the envy of anyone walking by you at the park even when turned off. Additionally, Marley is an official sponsor of 1Love (without promising a specific donation to 1Love a la Tom’s with each purchase) and shares touching stories on their blog.

Social responsibility and high quality design with premium materials is trendy right now, but neither will get a product far without great performance. Thankfully, the Get Together doesn’t just look great, it sounds pretty great too.


The first thing I noticed about the Get Together after a painless setup is that it’s loud. I mean, it’s really loud, and it doesn’t have much distortion at all. Overall, the sound was crisp and enviable, albeit with a few areas for improvement. The bass felt a bit overemphasized and boomy. Thankfully, highs were clear and held their own against the bass line. Mid-ranges, however, feel a little neglected. This created a situation where bass and treble heavy songs (like “WTF (Where They From)” – Missy Elliott) soundED full bodied, and less extreme songs (like “California” – Grimes) sounded like they needed to be cranked up. That being said, most of the time you’re getting a lot out of the Get Together speaker to appreciate. It’s crisp enough and loud enough to bring people together (hence the name) – even if they’re several picnic tables away.

The materials are certainly nice, but there’s no getting around the fact that this may not be the most fun speaker to lug around with you after you’ve been Bob Marley-ing it up in the park. At six pounds and large enough to easily take up most of the space in your backpack’s big pocket, this isn’t the world’s most portable speaker. But with a battery that lasts eight hours and the awesome sound quality, the Get Together is most at home at tailgates, offices, bedrooms and small apartments instead of a backpack.


The Get Together offers everything a decent Bluetooth speaker needs to. It’s reliable, easy to set up, loud and it sounds great. But what makes the speaker special is everything else it does to stand out above the crowd. It’s got the looks, audio power and personality to warrant its existence (and purchase) in such a saturated market. At $200, this should be your next Bluetooth speaker if you’re willing to sacrifice some portability for extra boom.

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