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So you think you can be a beat maker? Despite what I’m guessing are fairly limited music production skills, donning a pair of Remidi smart gloves will definitely help fulfill your fantasy of becoming a musical maestro. Combining technology, music and fashion into a pair of sleek gloves, Remidi has created a wearable digital interface controller that can interact with other devices in order to create beautiful, unchained melodies…literally. Get ready to craft something sicker than the remix!

Brainchild of former DJ Andrea Baldereschi, with help from former boss Mark DeMay and a group of Italian engineers, Remidi was an idea born from Baldereschi’s desire to quickly translate his wild musical ideas straight to his fingertips without any sort of go-between. With wearables proving to be ever more popular, he turned his attention into creating a glove that could accomplish just that. Made with smart fabrics and eight pressure sensitive sensors dispersed throughout the glove and wristband, Remidi can compose music, mix it on the fly and control synth samples by interacting with anything from a laptop to a tablet thanks to Bluetooth connectivity.

Remidi smart gloves

While wearing the gloves, pseudo beat makers can do a variety of different motions such as opening and closing one’s hand, tapping on surfaces and twisting one’s wrist to produce different sounds, notes and effects depending on what’s been programmed into the glove. The pressure-based sensors will magnify or dissipate the sounds and types of music you play based on the pressure of your hand gestures. A controller situated around the wristband of the glove has buttons that will let wearers record, play, pause and even scroll through note sets. With up to six hours of battery life via USB connection, Remidi could definitely fuel a novice DJ party.

Expected sometime this fall and having already perfected the glove and met their funding goals through a Kickstarter campaign, Remidi is turning its attention to developing an app that will complement their melodious wearable when it hits shelves. “The app is a way to get super beginners in, having fun,” DeMay said. “We’re building a bridge that goes between the glove and software you already use on professional level. It’ll allow you to change the MIDI notes the glove plays as well as set chords on the fingers [and] ranges for the accelerometer, providing a lot of control and customization.”

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