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Contrary to popular belief, cooking with a microwave can be healthy.

I’m not talking about the pre-made, undistinguishable stuff you get from the frozen food section at the grocery store. Preparing a meal with raw, natural ingredients and relying on the consistent cooking power of a microwave can generate very tasty results with minimal amounts of oil and sodium.

Unfortunately, today’s kitchen appliances aren’t designed for microwave cooking.

Individuals who are serious about using an electromagnetic machine are usually forced to create their own makeshift gear. But now, there’s a line of kitchenware that can help facilitate the underrated cooking method, called the M-Cuisine collection.


Everyday Tools for the Microwave Chef

Responsible for the clever appliances is Joseph Joseph, a British kitchenware company, and Yourmeus, a consultancy and design firm. The new line of microwavable tools is ideal for poaching eggs, steaming rice, cooking pasta (including the sauce) and sautéing vegetables.

“The range is designed for cooking a wider range of everyday foods that you might not expect to cook in the microwave,” said the brand’s co-founders, brothers Richard and Antony Joseph.

All of the products are made with injection-molded polypropylene. The material is safe to use and won’t leave a plastic film in your mouth. It’s also very easy to clean (say goodbye to scrubbing greasy pots and pans).


The One-burner Cooking Method 

Cooking with a microwave is like cooking with a single stovetop burner. The M-Cuisine collection streamlines the process by stacking compartments together. This lets you cook several dishes at once, making you twice as productive. Because some of the items cook faster than others, you’ll have to monitor each section closely.

For pasta, the company’s solution includes a built-in strainer on top of an easy-to-handle holder. After the noodles are completely cooked, you have the option to pour the water out using the same container. With the noodles still inside, add the thick sauce, dab a bit of salt and pepper to taste, and serve.

Using the duo’s special pods, you can have poached eggs to go with all of your meals. An extra lining holds the eggs in place, as it cooks in very hot water. To take the eggs out of the bowl, simply lift the thin lining.

Storing leftovers is done by securing the bowls with a lid or plastic wrap. There’s no need to transfer the food in separate containers. This greatly reduces the number of dishes that you have to wash after the meal.


Perfect for Dorms, Weekend Trips and Busy Lifestyles

The M-cuisine collection is suitable for individuals who are busy, but also persistent on cooking their own food at home. In college dorms, where students perfect the art of microwave cooking, the kitchenware could open up a wider range of meal options outside of instant noodles and soggy pizza.

Lastly, travelers who don’t have access to an entire kitchen but still want to make the most out of a microwave from the hotel could use the stackable set for discreet cooking.

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